This is the money match of the night. This is the one the fans wanted in the main event–OK, maybe not as a two on two match, but something with Bryan and Punk. And the crowd response throughout the match supports that fact. It doesn’t bode well for the last match of the evening, unless they pull a major surprise off. So it probably just doesn’t bode well.

This match was a very enjoyable display-for all the different styles in the ring, they worked very well together. I think thats as much a testament to how good Punk and Bryan are, as it is to how good Harper and Rowan can be. It worked from bell to bell, but you could just tell that as hot as fans are for Punk and Bryan, they were getting the “w” here. I doubt we’ve seen the last of this matchup, and it’s not hard to imagine it expanding to 3 on 3. And for right now, I don’t think too many would complain about another round or three of these superstars. Sign me up.

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