This was the epitome of a throw-away match, which is a sad analysis for both Kofi’s and Miz’s status within WWE. I think, overall, The Miz should feel better than Kofi right now, since WWE wanted to turn Mike heel again. It’s a reach, but its what i have.

It was OK for an opening match, certainly nothing special. Each superstar got in a handful of offense to make it balanced enough, but as I expected, Miz walks out of Boston with the win and the momentum. I’d like to say follow-up is key here, but for either man, it isn’t follow-up that is key, but rather an actual direction. With Miz a newly re-minted heel, he may just have that. Does WWE keep him in a program with Kofi, or does Creative find someone else for him to feud with? And, does anyone even care?

As for Kofi, he needs some direction in the worst way. Getting him back into the rejuvenated tag team picture would not be the worst idea.

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