Interesting that they are starting the PPV off with Shield and Real Americans against Rey, Usos and The Rhodes Brothers. Can’t put my finger on why I think that, I just didn’t expect this to open the show.

No complaints about the match itself, the action or the participants. After some nice early action, we see Dustin and Cody giving their team a nice 5 on 3 advantage following eliminations of Ambrose and Swagger. With them out of the way, we get some Giant Swing action from Cesaro on the Usos, but he gets an elimination for his efforts.

Didn’t expect to see this one start 5 on 2, but of course, the big advantage wouldn’t last too long. Jimmy eats a spear and it’s quickly 4 on 2. Shortly thereafter, the faces lose Cody and then Jey, and just like that, we are down two 2 on 2.

Rey gives the face team one last advantage, pinning Rollins off of a blocked powerbomb. Reigns is the lone surviving heel, and he manages to spear both Golddust and Rey to claim victory for his team-though, I think this match does more to cement Roman’s move to the face side of the house. He’s ready for a singles run of his own.

On a side note, how about Dustin Runnels, turning back the clock and looking like one of the top workers in the business?

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