I have to admit, considering it’s Cena, I was surprised this didn’t manage to get top billing. However, it’s Cena going up against HHH and/or Stephanie, and you know HHH and his ego win out. So, here we go.

Cena sure seemed to get a nice pop from the home crowd.

As was to be expected, ADR is going to target the surgically repaired arm. But…nothing we have not already seen. Hard to put this one on the PPV as it really isn’t bringing anything new to the table, and what we’ve seen between these two before isn’t exactly going down as a match of the year candidate. I think the only way I would have liked this if it was made into a three way match adding in Sandow-plus, at least then, I’d believe the title was potentially in jeopardy.

They give ADR enough offense to look OK, but in the end Alberto eats an AA and it’s Cena getting the 1-2-3 and retaining the title.

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