I almost feel sorry for Show and Orton having to follow Bryan and Punk. However, I think the “boring” chants would have come no matter where this match was on the card. It’s  hard to expect better results when you are moving on from Bryan to Show. It is, in this era, a major downgrade.

That being said…the match was uneventful. Show looked OK, nothing that made me say wow, he could take the title tonight and I’d be OK with it though. Orton…I just can’t see what they see in him. If they are going for the bore the fans angle, he has it, but that can’t really be what they want, can it?

And, for all their talk of no outside interference, we get The Authority coming to the ring during the match, music playing, which distracts Big Show and of course, Orton capitalizes, punts and pins for the win. It was assumed there’d be interference. I guess I was foolishly hoping for something, or someone, a lot more exciting than the usual suspects.

The most interesting thing coming out of the match is, Cena was floating around pre-match in the locker room, and now post-match he comes down to the ring with his music playing. Clearly, WWE is building the foundation for a unification match. Have they finally realized that things are so watered down? Of course, the downside to this basically means that Cena is likely ending up as the next unified champ. I bet that makes a lot of folks oh so happy.

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