It is time for the Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match, as we have The Revival and DIY facing off against the defending champions, The Authors of Pain.

Out of the opening bell, we had an unexpected alliance of sorts, between DIY and The Revival. And after an initial flurry, Ciampa and Gargano decided to involve a table. It wasn’t used (yet), but the challengers managed to takeout AoP early on, making it briefly a two on two engagement.

Things picked up and got crazy, with double team maneuvers coming fast and furious. The Revival and DIY each took turns ducking tag attempts, as each looked to avoid being the first elimination.

DIY and The Revival made for strange allies, with half of each team pairing up to perform each of their finishers at one point, and then stereo suicide dives. The action was incredible.

Just like that, AoP came in and delivered The Last Chapter to Ciampa, and DIY gets eliminated.

The Revival looked game in the two on two portion, but the Authors proved to be too much, and were able to retain.

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