It’s time folks-the main event rematch between Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode is finally here.

Nakamura out first, sporting some new ring attire. The crowd, as always, loves him and sings along to his entrance.

Roode gets the piano accompaniment, and makes his entrance even more glorious.

Right off the opening bell, Roode targeted the same knee that was injured in their last encounter.

Nakamura was able to recover and the two took turns trading offense, with Shinsuke appearing to frustrate Roode early on. Just when things seemed to be on the up and up, however, Roode took out Nakamura’s knee from behind, aiming to aggravate the injury. He spent the next good bit working on the knee, but Nakamura was not to be denied, and he fought back.

After some near falls, Roode hit his leaping DDT, and he successfully defended his NXT title.

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