In our opening bout, we have Sanity taking on Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot and a mystery fourth partner because of the Sanity attack on No Way Jose on Axxess earlier in the day. If they can’t find a fourth, it’s a handicap match. Except, they DID find a replacement, and it was none other than Kassius Ohno.

The faces stormed the ring and a brief brawl opened the match, before the women settled in as the opening pair.

Early on, Sanity had the advantage, singling out each member of the face team and beating them up. Eventually, Dillinger came in a house of fire and things quickly broke down. The referee let it go, as everyone basically exchanged offense.

Eventually, Killian Dain managed to get Dillinger one on one, and nailed his finisher, giving Sanity the win.

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