Naomi starts with Alicia Fox. Fox hits her with a backbreaker and gets the one count. Fox drags Naomi across the ring by her hair, and hits her with a headkick. Fox tries to hit Naomi off the top rope, but Naomi drills her to the mat and hits her with a moonsault for the three count. Fox is eliminated.

Rosa dives in but she is on the receiving end of a beatdown from Naomi and Cameron. Rosa eliminates Cameron, and shortly after, she taunts her team and Nikki Bella hits her with a clothesline for the pin.

Summer Rae comes in dancing and has a dance-off with Nikki, who dropkicks her in the face and eliminates her. Eva Marie is tagged in, but she gets eliminated by Kaitlyn after her modified F-5 finisher. Kaitlyn eliminates Naomi with the same move shortly after.

Brie Bella enters, and eliminates Kaitlyn with a missile dropkick. AJ taunts Brie Bella, who gets drilled by Aksana and gets eliminated. Nikki avenges her sister by eliminating Aksana with somewhat of a torture-rack slam.

Tamina enters and suplexes Nikki. Tamina throws Nikki to the corner, who hits Tamina with a dropkick. Jojo gets tagged in and goes face to face with Tamina. She gets thrown off Tamina easily in a lockup. Tamina slams Jojo down to the canvas. Jojo is able to climb to the top rope and surprise Tamina with a roll up but Tamina nails her with a Wykea and tags in AJ so she can pin Jojo.

AJ tags Tamina to take care of Natalya. Body slam by Tamina. Tamina went for her father’s finisher but missed, and Natalya eliminates her with a sharpshooter. Natalya then slaps on the Sharpshooter on AJ after Tamina tried to interfere and was dropkicked by Nikki Bella.

Natalya pins AJ Lee; Natalya and Nikki Bella are the Sole Survivors

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