WWE NXT Review 11/06/13

Sylvester Lefort is talking to the blonde russian woman backstage about his problem with Alexander Russev. We can’t understand what she says.

Tom Phillips, Alex Riley and Renee Young are on commentary.

Sylvester Lefort goes one on one against Alexander Russev. Russev gets a Russian introduction from the mystery blonde. Russev squashes Lefort in a ridiculously short match after he doesn’t accept Lefort’s attempted bribe.

^Thanks for establishing that the brute can beat down his former manager. Now all the doubt has been removed from my mind. Call it 2/10 as a match and 6/10 for segment effectiveness.

Flair’s daughter Charlotte exchanges words with Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. Bailey seems conflicted and wants to be friends with the pair.

^Good diva drama. Better than what we see on Raw.

Kassius Ohno will face Luke Harper tonight.

El Locale takes on Leo Kruger. Locale is Ricardo Rodriguez in a mask. Kruger destroys him in our second short match of the night.

^I’m not sure what Kruger needs to do to advance to the main roster, but he’s got more than enough talent in the ring and acting ability to have a bright future as a heel in WWE. Nice to see Locale in a one on one wrestling match.

Travis Tyler and Troy McClain are destroyed by the Ascension in ANOTHER short match.

^Getting a little sick of squash matches after seeing three straight and not even being halfway through the program. Not happy so far. Let’s turn this around!

Mojo Rawley from Alexandria, VA takes on Ty Dillenger. Rawley destroys Dillenger in under three minutes.

^Another basic squash, but nice to see some more of Rawley in the ring. Four squash matches now. Brilliant.

Luke Harper and Kassius Ohno wrestle a long match for the remainder of the show. Harper kicks out of the rolling elbow near the end of the match and falls victim to the huge clothesline. Harper gets the three count.

^Awesome battle of two bigger men to close out the night! This one match made up for the crappy squash card before it. Call it three and a half stars for excellent action.

On a scale of one to ten, the show gets a 6.5. I didn’t enjoy most of it, but they were able to feature a bunch of talent and give us an incredible main event, and that means it delivered overall.

WWE Main Event Review 11/06/13

It’s time for Main Event..that could mean any number of reactions. Let’s do this:

We’re here. The Wyatt henchmen take on the Prime Time Players to kick off the show. Harper clotheslines O’Neil and Rowan delivers a running splash for the win. Bray gets in the ring after the match and delivers the sister abigail to Titus.

^Solid tag match to highlight the show. Seeing the Wyatts and seeing the PTP means you’re going to get some good wrestling, and that’s exactly what this was. The initiative by WWE to make the tag team division more interesting and diverse has been nothing but a success.

Nikki Bella goes one on one with Alicia Fox. Nikki wins the match with the x-factor.

^Nice and short; typical divas match that we’re used to seeing. Nice to see the Bellas getting better in the ring these days.

The Usos take on Hunico and Camacho in our final match of the night. The Usos win a twelve plus minute match with the big splash from the top rope.

^A second solid tag team match on Main Event? I’ll take it. Great action to close out a show that was solid from start to finish. Nice to see Hunico and Camacho back as both are very talented. The Usos continue to prove why they’ve represented the tag team division for so long and why they should have a title run.

So we have two good tag matches and a divas match that is symbolic of how WWE treats their female wrestlers, and I’m supposed to give that a score? Call it 7/10 for quality with all the kickass tag team action.

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