WWE NXT Review 11/13/13

Sasha Banks and Summer Rae(the Beautiful Fierce Females, or BFFs) defeat Bayley and Charlotte when Charlotte turns on Bayley. William Regal, Byron Saxton and Sweet T(Tensai) are on commentary. Regal and Tensai take jabs at one another before and during the match.

^Let’s talk about the match first. It was damn fine women’s wrestling as we usually see on NXT. The ironic turn on Bayley doesn’t surprise me, but I like the booking. Now we have a major heel divas trio to take on the three faces(Emma, Paige, and Bayley). The booking and entertainment value of the NXT Divas is top notch(it’s not the first time I’ve said it, but they deserve the continuous recognition). Great commentary from Saxon here as he compliments Regal and Sweet T nicely. I never pictured Saxon as a lead man in the booth, but he’s darn good at it!

Aiden English defeats Camacho. We see him working on his singing backstage before the match, singing on the way to the ring and singing after the match which causes William Regal to tear up. English wins the match using the director’s cut.

^The Aiden English booking is weird to me(he was basically a jobber in the past), but the gimmick is so unique that I’m actually enjoying it(as does the crowd who cheered him quite a bit). It’s refreshing overall just to see something new, and the support from William Regal does nothing but elevate his stock. Camacho, on the other hand, the son of former wrestler Meng/Haku has done very little in WWE and doesn’t appear to possess a ton of wrestling ability.

Mason Ryan defeats Danny Burch in a short match.

^Please Mason Ryan, just go away and never come back. Ever. The guy has that size and look that WWE loves, but he has NOTHING in terms of wrestling talent in the ring, and that hasn’t changed in over two and a half years.

Adrian Neville defeats Corey Graves two falls to one in a two out of three falls match. Neville gets the final fall with an inside cradle.

^Now THIS is wrestling! Regal’s passion during the match was amazing and made it that much better; this man should be on commentary with Michael Cole on Monday nights. Former tag team partners colliding in an outstanding wrestling match. I can see the former Pac(Neville) doing big things in WWE(perhaps as a major tag team player), and Graves’ in ring ability is just so impressive for someone lacking overly muscular physique(Punk-ish). Great ending to a solid show!

The wrestling in the main event mixed with the divas opener makes the show high quality. The two squash matches could’ve been better, but overall the show was very well executed and a pleasure to watch.

WWE Main Event Review 11/13/13

Natalya defeats AJ Lee by DQ with the Divas Title on the line. Tamina Snuka interferes when the sharpshooter is applied by Natalya for the DQ ending. AJ applies the black widow to Natalya after the match.

^Solid divas match here. I like it when they’re booked to matter. I’m just curious which female wrestler will eventually take the title off AJ when her lengthy run is over. Perhaps a major NXT diva?

Justin Gabriel defeats Tyson Kidd with a counter into a sunset flip off the ropes for the three count.

^The former Internation Airstrike team goes one on one? YES! Both of these men are so underutilized; we just need to appreciate this one as it was a real treat for Main Event. Despite being over in less than six minutes, both of these men told a great story and meshed just as well as you expect them to. Gabriel going over is the right move for me, as in my opinion he would be the definition of Mr. Main Event(the show, that is). The counter for counter finish here was excellent between these two as it showed that just one mistake by Kidd cost him the match.

Two of the 3MB(calling themselves the Union Jacks as they did on Raw) defeat Prime Time Players w/R-Truth in a tag team match.

^Not sure what to make of this mess, but it felt more like filler material than anything worth watching. Not the best way to keep my interest as a show comes to an end.

A solid divas match, and excellent short match between high flyers, and a random filler finish with two Raw recaps? Call it 5.5 out of 10 with Gabriel/Kidd tipping the scale in a positive favor. Thanks for reading!

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