Ah…there can be only one…right? Right? Well, that’s the theory coming into tonight’s main event-and the ONLY match on TLC to make use of TLC…add this one to my list of gimmick-named PPV in need of a re-branding.

The fact that this match is starting shortly after the top of the hour tells me that this is either going to be given a good 25-30 minute match, or there will be post match developments. Or both.

Some crazy spots throughout the match, my fave being Cena hanging onto both belts without a ladder, then being beaten like a pinata by Orton.

And then….Orton gets the upper hand and handcuffs Cena to the bottom rope. So of course, to get out, Cena…undoes the bottom rope. That scene at the top of the ladder, cuffed/roped Cena against Orton was something. Then…a tug of war, leading to Cena eating the table head first, ultimately leading to Orton grabbing both titles. Sigh.

Tonight’s a night I wish there could be a MITB cash in.

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