In an amazing example of booking excellence….we have three of the alpha heels facing off against one of the top two or three faces in the company. And, it is kicking off the main card, no less.

Good solid action between these four, and I will give credit, I think, to the performers for not letting this just break down into a bunch of cheating by the heels. Punk got in a lot of offense all things considered, but in the end it comes down to a numbers game-except that, with three of The Shield trying to hit just one Punk, of course, Reigns’ spear hits the wrong person. Punk seizes the opportunity, scores the pin and the win.

I can’t say that there was tension afterwards, but I will still call it another planted seed for a probable Shield split down the road.

I didn’t think that WWE would book Punk to win. Makes me think things won’t work out so well for DB later on in the evening.

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