Welcome to Wrestlenewz’s results from this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling. We get the typical video package and the then the rules of the current world title tournament as the first match begins the show.

Matt Hardy vs. Davey Richards

Davey with a dropkick after escaping a headlock. They fight on the apron and a side effect from Matt and then a snap mare. Matt gets the sleeper, but Davey is out and tries for an elbow. Davey with a suicide dive and several dropkicks back in the ring. He misses the enzuguri and Matt with another side effect. Backslide gets Davey a two count and Matt goes back to the side effect. Davey misses a dropkick and gets caught in the twist of fate. Matt gets the win and three points.

Winner: Matt Hardy

They show a video package of Beer Money, who will fight each other in our main event.

Jeremy Borash talks to the X division group about the tournament.

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