Welcome to the latest from TNA’s Impact Wrestling. Like the previous weeks, the world title series continues. After the typical intro video, Josh Matthews and The Pope recap where everyone stands in this bizarre tournament.

They have a round table promo. Austin Aries has some smack talk for Ethan Carter III (EC3). Anderson and Lashley have positive words for each other. Anderson calls Lashley a freak of power and Lashley gives Anderson credit for his toughness. EC3 doesn’t have too many kind words for the people in his bracket.

Austin Aries vs. Ken Anderson

Aries with a headlock on Anderson to start. He powers out and hits a drop kick. Anderson charges Aries, who steps out of the way. Anderson hits the floor and Aries’ dive misses. In the ring, Anderson starts focusing on the arm and Aries with a roll up out of nowhere for a two count. Anderson charges again and this time goes into the steel post. Both men are down after going for a cross body as a commercial hits. We return as Anderson lands a neckbreaker. The suicide dive from Aries connects and follows with a missile dropkick. Anderson has Aries on his shoulders and rolls him across the canvas. The mic check misses and Aries hits the 450 splash for a two count. The clock is ticking away, but Aries with the brainbuster and he gets three points with his win.

Winner: Austin Aries

The Ultimate X match from Bound for Glory (BFG) is hyped.

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