As noted earlier, WWE posted Michael Cole’s latest interview with Triple. Here are a few more notes from the interview:

* Triple H said that he is back from his vacation in Cabo, and he recommends it “if you have the means.”

* Triple H mentions that Randy Orton doesn’t need to be protected by anybody.

* Michael Cole noted that after Triple H announced that Orton would have to beat The Big Show on his own this Sunday, the majority of the fans think that The Authority will turn on Orton and have The Big Show join the group as WWE Champion.

* Triple H then stated that the conspiracy theories are amazing, and that he wants everyone asking those questions.

* Triple H once again states that Orton will have to beat The Big Show on his own this Sunday.

* Triple H admitted that he was proud of Big E Langston for winning the Intercontinental title.

* Triple H said that he always knew that Big E was a phenomenal talent and an incredible athlete.

* Triple H noted that the Intercontinental title is a steeping stone to bigger and better things.

* Triple H said that NXT has brought amazing talent like Big E., The Shield, Curtis Axel and Xavier Woods.

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