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Tyler Breeze recently spoke with During the interview, he talked about how he and Fandango came to their Fashion Files segment, and how he felt not being on the Royal Rumble card.

On how Fashion Files came about:

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It was kind of a mix of opinions. It was one of those things when we were trying to find where our chemistry was and we just started to throw ideas out there and one of them was to be the Fashion Police and we just started with little ideas, little videos and all of a sudden it took off and we were having fun with it and other people were enjoying it and it all of a sudden became a thing, you know, it was every week on Smackdown for about eight months and we are still doing it now but we are trying to find the transition and try to focus on other stuff but it was very important to get some momentum behind us.

On being left off the Royal Rumble card:

Ha ha! Is one of those things… Everybody has their time, it’s all about patience. I know that it is very easy to get frustrated and seated at home asking : “why me?” It’s all about patience. We have a extremely talented roster and everybody eventually gets the chance and you just have to be positive and enjoy the ride.


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