– WWE’s website has a new article up on AJ Lee, asking if she was the worst General Manager ever. They brought up the new storyline with John Cena. Here’s part of what they wrote:

“Coincidences are rare in WWE, especially when The Queen Diva is involved, but what if there was more to that dinner than AJ and Cena are letting on? If AJ’s fraternization with Cena went beyond a mere business dinner — while she was on probation, no less — then the title of “Worst GM Ever” just might have a new No. 1 contender.

Although it remains unclear exactly what transpired during that evening repast with the 12-time World Champion, the unorthodox Diva noted on Raw that she’s aware that she’s been on thin ice for quite some time. With AJ’s admission of her shortcomings, it’s difficult to blame her too harshly for not living up to the loftiest of expectations. She might not have made a major impact as Raw GM, but at least she never subjected the WWE Universe to so-called “People Power,” interrupted Raw broadcasts with incessant emails or waxed poetic about the likes of “MC Punk” or “Randy Norton.” Sorry, Mr. Adamle.

So what’s next for AJ? The unpredictable Diva explained on Raw that she’s gone “from being homeless to being the boss,” due in no small part to her lifelong tenacity. Now that AJ is no longer running Raw, her schedule has certainly opened up, and judging by her hair-pulling brawl with Raw’s new Managing Supervisor, her buttoned-up lifestyle has hardly hindered her fighting spirit. Perhaps the most exciting chapter of the AJ Lee saga is about to begin.”

– There has been talk of getting Vince McMahon or someone portraying Vince McMahon on Twitter.

– New Jersey independent wrestler Starman showed up at RAW in the crowd last night and was quickly escorted out by security after trying to get some publicity.

Partial source: PWInsider

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