– With 35 year old John Cena currently dealing with back, elbow, hip and neck issues, there has been a lot of talk for months about who is the next top guy for WWE. With Vince McMahon’s days likely numbered, some believe that the next top guy after Cena will be Vince’s last ever hand-picked top guy.

While Cena won’t be replaced as the top guy until his body breaks down or until the public tires of him, there is a feeling that you have to think about the future now as Vince has never gone with anyone older than 40 as his top guy because people think he cuts bait early and then moves on.

Vince has told both the traveling and non-traveling writing staff, as well as the RAW and SmackDown crews, that they are now to put emphasis on storylines and angles for Sheamus. The idea is that CM Punk is a heel and won’t be that top guy. Plus in their minds of what “the guy” is supposed to look like, Punk doesn’t fit. Triple H is also backing Sheamus because he’s big enough, dedicated enough and loyal enough. At the same time, many people feel Sheamus wouldn’t be right as the face of the company because of his character. Another downside to Sheamus is he’s almost 35 and if they are looking at grooming the next guy for Cena’s spot, they should be looking at someone who is 25 or so.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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