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As of now, Brock Lesnar’s final WWE date is scheduled for WrestleMania 34. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is believed that Lesnar will re-sign with the company.

There was some debate if Lesnar would sign with UFC again as there was talk of a money fight with Jon Jones. Since Jones failed a third drug test over the summer, he will likely be suspended for several years and his MMA future is much in doubt.

In the past, Lesnar was able to work for UFC and WWE at the same time. Now, WWE doesn’t want Lesnar competing for both companies. Plus, Lesnar failed his own drug test last year heading into UFC 200 and it didn’t look good on WWE.

“They didn’t want to do [the same type of deal] again,” said UFC President Dana White on The Dan LeBatard Show. “You saw what happened last time he was under contract and it doesn’t look good for anybody.”

The plan remains for Roman Reigns vs. Lesnar to headline WrestleMania 34.

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