It’s teacher vs. student as Triple H and Seth Rollins finally meet. A police motorcade are down and then Triple H on a bike with Stephanie McMahon on the back. Triple H does the spot where he spits in the water and Stephanie stands behind him. One of his best entrances. Seth Rollins has a torch, which he touches to the ground and the ramp shows fire.

They were swinging fists to start and head to the outside. Triple H DDTs Rollins on the announce table, but it doesn’t break. He takes a chair to Rollins’ bad knee.

Despite Rollins’ knee bulking off the top rope, he gets the buckle bomb on Triple H. Rollins jumps off the post to Triple H on the outside. Stephanie knocks Rollins off the top rope. Rollins mistakenly tosses Triple H the sledgehammer. Stephanie gets the sledgehammer out of Rollins’ hands.

Stephanie on the apron. Rollins bumps Triple H into Stephanie and she falls through the table on the outside. Rollins gets the win via a pedigree.

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