New Day welcome us to the show as their hosts.

The first main card match sees SmackDown’s AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon. Both take advantage and mock the other. Shane is about wrestling and boxing. Stylers wants more wrestling. A baseball slide from Styles and Shane goes over and across the announce table. Shane slows Styles by stopping a high risk move. Angle slam from Shane for a 2 count. Calf crusher by Styles, which is countered into a rear naked choke; then an arm bar. Lots of MMA moves from Shane. Double clothesline drops both men.

Styles goes for the 450 splash and Shane gets a triangle choke in the center of the ring. Styles with part of clash for a two count. Impressive sequence. The referee is kicked by mistake from Styles, who gets a trash can. Styles puts the trash can in front of Shane and is going to try coast to coast. Mid air and Shane smashes Styles’ face with the trash can. Shane is going coast to coast and it connects with ease. Only gets a two count. Shane puts Styles on the announce table and heads to the top rope for the elbow. Styles moves and Shane goes through the table. Down one table already. Styles puts Shane back in the ring and goes for a phenomenal forearm. Shane grabs the arm and counters into a DDT. Shane to the top rope and misses a shooting star press. OMG! AJ gets the phenomenal forearm this time and scores the victory.

WrestleNewz’s play by play coverage of WrestleMania 33 continues.

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