It’s time for the mixed tag match. Al Roker announced the teams, with Miz and Maryse out first. Nikki Bella was next, having Cena and her come out solo, as opposed to the unified heels.

It looked like Maryse and Nikki were going to start, but Maryse changed her mind and we got the men. And then Miz employed his own stall tactics, until he could sucker Cena into his spot of choice.

Early on, Miz and Maryse were controlling the match and not letting Cena get rolling.

However, a slap on Miz by Nikki turned things around. Nikki dominated Maryse, which lead up to stereo five knuckle shuffles and simultaneous AA and Rack Attack 2.0, and we have winners in Nikki Bella and John Cena.

Post-match, Cena was congratulating Nikki for coming back from the broken neck to have this WrestleMania moment. And with that, he gave her another and proposed to Nikki on the grandest stage of them all, with a monster rock. So much for his statements on Total Divas that he didn’t want to get married.


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