It’s time for our RAW women’s title match, as we get to see Nia Jax, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Charlotte do battle, to see who can eliminate who first.

Right off the bat, the women try to get rid of Nia, but Nia was holding her own. She did fall victim to some impressive triple team moves, however. After a triple team power bomb, and all three other women covering her, Nia was first to be eliminated.

Charlotte got Bayley out of the ring and made it a one on one with Sasha. After it looked like Sasha had Charlotte dead to rights, Flair took advantage of the turnbuckle she had exposed earlier, and got the next elimination on Sasha.

We got down to a one on one match, Bayley with a wounded leg against Charlotte. She quickly targets the champ’s bum knee, softening her up for the inevitable Figure 8. Except that Bayley fought her off, set her up and nailed her top rope elbow, which was good enough for the pin and win.

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