Former best friends turned enemies meet over the United States Championship. Chris Jericho is out with a scarf that lights up. Pretty cool. We learn this is their second televised meeting.

Superkick by Kevin Owens and then cannonball splashes, including one against the ring apron and steel post. Owens tries for the powerbomb on the ring apron, but Chris Jericho avoids it. Owens blocks a codebreaker and hits a package slam. Frankensteiner by Jericho off the top rope. Owens avoids the lionsault. Jericho lifts his knees when Owens comes off the top rope with a senton bomb. Owens locks Jericho in his own submission. Jericho is out and counters a cannonball into the walls of Jericho.

Pop-up powerbomb only gets Owens a two count. Owens talking smack to Jericho and slapping him. Pop-up powerbomb is turned into a codebreaker. Owens uses a finger to break the count. Never seen that before.Owens catchers Jericho getting out of the ring and hits the powerbomb on the apron. He rolls Jericho in the ring and gets a three count. We have a new United States Champion and first title change of the night.

WrestleNewz’s play by play coverage of WrestleMania 33 continues.

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