In our WWE title match, we have a cerebral match between champion Bray Wyatt, and brief Wyatt Family member, The Viper Randy Orton.

Orton comes out hot against Bray, but it doesn’t take long for the mind games to start. Bray pushed the edge quite a bit, with several instances of bugs, worms and the like being digitally projected onto the mat while Orton was down on it. Orton played being rattled by the creepiness, and Wyatt used the mind games to take control.

It was not until Orton ducked a clothesline on the outside and delivered an RKO on the floor that things finally seemed to shift in Randy’s favor. Wyatt still kept up the offense, but Orton managed to hit some signature offense. Wyatt countered and was looking for more, when Orton hit another RKO and scored the pinfall victory.

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