Braun Strowman will attempt to take the tag team titles from The Bar’s Cesaro & Sheamus in the co-main event of WrestleMania 34.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Bar (c) vs. Braun Strowman & TBA

Braun Strowman is about to introduce his tag team partner. He knew everyone wanted to know who it was and that’s why he waited to reveal it on the grandest stage of them all. Strowman says it’s not going to be someone from the back. It’s going to be someone from the audience. He asks who in the crowd wants to be his tag partner at WrestleMania and the camera cuts to a number of rabidly excited fans pointing desperately to themselves. Strowman starts rounding the ring looking for someone.

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He wanders into the crowd looking for a partner. He points to some kid, takes his hand and leads him back to the ring. Corey Graves expresses just how wrong this is, while Coach encourages it. Strowman grabs the mic when they get in the ring and asks the kid his name, which turns out to be Nicholas as it happens. Strowman tells the kid to just hang on the apron and he’ll do the rest because The Bar is going to “get these hands.” Bell sounds and Strowman starts taking it to both Sheamus and Cesaro. He starts manhandling them.

He chokeslams Cesaro and pins but Sheamus breaks the pin. Strowman gives Sheamus a death stare and chases after him as Sheamus makes a run for it. Strowman gets hold of his but then Cesaro steps in. The Bar hits Strowman with a double-suplex. Then they continue inflicting some team attacks to Strowman. Sheamus flips Cesaro off the top rope and he lands on top of Strowman. The Bar puts the boots to Strowman now. Strowman fights them off though and crawls to his corner and tags Nicholas…

Nicholas is legal! Strowman tags back in quickly, hits Cesaro with the Running Powerslam and gets the 3-count. Braun Strowman & Nicholas are the new tag team champions.

Winners: Braun Strowman & Nicholas

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