We have reached the conclusion of WrestleMania 34, which sees Universal Champion Brock Lesnar take on Roman Reigns in a rematch from three years ago.

Universal Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns

Bell sounds and Lesnar charges and drives Reigns hard into the corner. Reigns fires back and knocks Lesnar back with punches. Lesnar then starts landing a series of German suplex. Lesnar lets out a primal yell but suddenly Reigns comes flying in with a pair of Superman Punches. Lesnar rolls out of the ring and Reigns comes out after him. Reigns follows Lesnar around the ring and then plunges his skull with a third Superman Punch. Back int he ring and reigns clotheslines Lesnar back out to the floor again. Reigns stalks Lesnar around the ring again, and as he goes for another SUperman Punch, Lesnar catches him and hits a overhead suplex on the floor. Lesnar beats on Reigns and then hits another overhead suplex on the floor.

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Lesnar goes over and strips the top off the table. Then he does an overhead suplex motion but Reigns falls forware and hits his head on the announce table. Back in the ring and Lesnar stalks Reigns. He says, “Suplex City bitch!” Lesnar employs a slow, methodical pace and he physically dominates Reigns. He hits another overhead suplex. Lesnar goes out and strips the announce table the rest of the way down. Then Lesnar goes and drags Reigns back to where the tables are and he throws him into the barricade. Lesnar lifts Reigns onto his shoulders and starts walking over to the tables but Reigns slides off and pushes Lesnar face-first into the ring post.

Reigns explodes, charging Lesnar and Spearing him all the way up and on and over the announce table. Lesnar ends up all hung up on the chair behind the table. They make their way back into the ring and Reigns delivers 2 Spears. He pins but Lesnar kicks out. Reigns gets a fierce looks in his face and stalks for the next Spear. As he runs in for it, Lesnar counters with a brutal jumping knee to the Reigns’ face. Lesnar pins but Reigns gets his shoulder up. Lesnar sells the pain as he lifts Reigns up off the mat.

He delivers an F-5 in the middle of the ring and pins. 1-2-… but Reigns kicks out again. Lesnar stalks Reigns some more and delivers another F-5. He pins. 1-2-… but Reigns, again, KIcks out. The Beast Lesnar has a shocked look ojn his face. He looks at Reigns and then into space, then at the crowd and back to Reigns. His eyes are wide and he looks unsure, as though he’s never seen this before. Lesnar gets up and delivers another F-5 and pins. 1-2-…But Reigns kicks out again. Lesnar throws Reigns out of the ring, and it sounds like some in the crowd are chanting, “Boring!”

Lesnar takes Reigns over to the table and delivers an F-5. The table flies apart under the impact of Reigns as he lands. Lesnar throws Reigns in the ring, and it looks like he’s thinking about what he might be able to do to defeat this opponent. Lesnar hits Reigns with a German Suplex. Lesnar stands over Reigns and watches him resiliently try to stand back up. The crowd gives Reigns a little cheer as he gets to his hands and knees. Lesnar delivers another F-5 and pins. 1-2-… but Reigns kicks out. The crowd chants, “This is awful!” and boos the match.

Lesnar lands some elbows to Reigns face and busts him open. Blood spurts out of Reigns head. Lesnar starts moving to finish Reigns but suddenly Reigns initiates a scramble, resulting in a Spear to Lesnar. Reigns quickly proceeds to hit another Spear. Reigns’ face is a crimson mass as blood pours everywhere. Reigns takes a running start. He bounces off the ropes a couple times. He charges toward Lesnar but Lesnar explodes upward, lifting Reigns onto his shoulders and delivering an F-5. He pins: 1-2-3. The title reign continues as Brock Lesnar retains the Universal Championship.

Winner: Brock Lesnar (c)

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