We head to SmackDown, where Daniel Bryan returns to action and teams with Shane McMahon. They take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Daniel Bryan gets a huge ovation when he enters. Owens & Zayn’s music hits and they end up ambushing Shane and Bryan from behind. Owens and Zayn take both of them out and Owens hits a powerbomb on Bryan, dropping his spine on the ring apron again. Owens and Zayn pace around inside the ring as Bryan lays injured at ringside. Shane goes to his side and calls for medical officials to come out. Owens screams at Shane, saying “You made us do that!” Officials tend to Bryan and Shane steps up on the apron and into the ring.

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The bell sounds and Shane starts landing punches. He knocks Zayn off the apron and lands some combos on Owens. Irish whip and Shane hits a jumping back elbow. Zayn comes in and Shane lands shots on him now. Shane spikes Zayn with a DDT but then Owens drives a hard kick into his guts. Shane clutches his stomach as Owens inflicts punishment, working on the abdomen after Shane so recently recovered from diverticulitis and a hernia. Zayn is the legal man now and he puts a beating on Shane, attempting a series of pins which Shane kicks out of.

Owens comes in and steps hard on Shane’s stomach. Then he taunts Bryan who is still being helped at ringside. Owens lands a series of clubbing blows to Shane. Zayn tags in and he mocks Shane before landing a hard punch. Zayn hits an exploder suplex for a 2-count. Zayn employs a methodical pace but then Shane explodes and tries to mount some kind of comeback. Shane has some success but Zayn hits Shane with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near-fall.

Zayn is caught up and hung upside down in the corner. Shane goes to the top rope and goes coast-to-coast, landing the move heavily but immediately clutching his guts in pain. Shane pins but Owens break it up. Owens hits Shane with a frog splash and pins. 1-2-… but suddenly Bryan comes in and break the pin out of nowhere. Bryan gets to the apron and reaches, beckoning Shane to tag him in. Shane crawls but gets held up by Zayn who puts him in a rear chin-lock. Shane stands up and carries Zayn on his back, trying to step toward Bryan. They almost touch the tips of their fingers but Zayn drags him back.

Finally, Shane does get the tag to Bryan and Bryan is the legal man. And he starts to wrestle. He takes Zayn out with some signature attacks and then he baseball slides Owens, following up with a flying knee off the apron. Bryan hits a missile dropkick off the top to Zayn. Bryan kips up but Owens attacks him. Bryan counters with a belly-to-back suplex on Owens. Then Bryan goes corner to corner landing dropkicks on both Zayn and Owens. Bryan goes up top with Zayn and hits a Frankensteiner.

Bryan hypes himself up and stalks Zayn but Owens holds his ankle. Bryan is distracted and Zayn plunges his skull with a Helluva Kick. He pins but Bryan kicks out. Owens hits Bryan with a Pop-Up Powerbomb and pins but Bryan kicks out again. Owens is stunned. Shane steps on the apron and Owens runs at him. Shane pulls the top rope down and Owens tumbles over and out. Then Shane jumps out on top of him. In the ring, Zayn yells at Bryan asking, “How could you?!” How could you do this?!” Zayn beats on him but then Bryan fires back.

Bryan unloads a barrage of strikes and then starts landing his “Yes!” kicks to a kneeling Zayn. The crowd chants along and then Bryan sets up. He does a “Yes!” chant with the crowd and then hits Zayn with a big knee, followed by the Yes Lock. Zayn is forced to tap out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon

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