We move into a match several years in making as Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey take on The Authority’s Triple H & Stephanie McMahon.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Rousey’s ring gear hearkens Rowdy Roddy Piper. The crowd chants her name loudly as they prepare to get underway. Triple H talks trash at both Kurt Angle and Rousey as they all stand face-to-face in the middle of the ring. Steph takes a cheap shot at Rousey before the bell even sounds and Angle has to hold Rousey back. Bell sounds and Angle and Triple H start things off. Angle gains control early and gets H in a hammerlock. Steph starts to step into the ring and Rousey reacts, stepping in as well only to be held back by the ref.

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Triple H sends Angle out to ringside and then talks trash at Rousey as Steph goes over and pushes Angle into the steel ring steps. Rousey is emotional as the ref holds her back once more. Triple H suplexes Angle back into the ring. Steph and H continue to play the game, inflicting punishment to Angle whenever the referee isn’t looking. Irish whip and Triple H plants Angle with a spinebuster for a 2-count. H has a front face-lock on Angle and Rousey reaches for the tag. She utters words of encouragement to Angle who tries to push his way closer to her. H whips Angle into the corner and charges at him but Angle kicks him coming in.

Triple H swings on Angle but Angle ducks and Triple H almost smokes Steph with a shot but they manage to avoid that catastrophe. Angle takes advantage of that tense moment and lays Triple H out. Angle starts crawling to tag Rousey but Steph runs around and pulls Rousey off the apron before he can reach her. Angle ends up knocking H out of the ring and finally tags Rousey. She comes in hot as she delivers some big power moves to Steph and stats unloading with a series of nasty strikes.

Rousey bullies Steph around and the crowd goes wild. She grabs Steph by the hair and whips her across the ring. Rousey delivers another throw and Steph scampers to the corner and begs and pleads Rousey for mercy. Rousey does not oblige. She rolls Steph over and has her primed for the armbar. Rousey taunts for a moment but then goes for it. Steph explodes and defends the move effectively. Now Steph ends up in the dominant position and lands some shots on Rousey. The crowd boos and Steph crawls to her corner but no one is there for her.

Steph then continues her offense against Rousey. Steph hits a slam for a 2-count and then stretches her with an arm submission. Steph mocks Rousey and moves to deliver a move when Rousey grabs her by the throat. Rousey hoists Steph up and hits the move that is presumably her finisher. She pins. 1-2-… but Triple H pulls the ref out of the ring. Rousey steps over and talks trash at him but then Triple H drags her out of the ring and yanks her as she falls hard to the floor. Angle comes over and start attacking Triple H.

Triple H lays Angle out and goes back into the ring to tend to his wife. Suddenly, Rousey appears behind him looking pumped up and full of rage. She beckons Triple H to take her on right now. The crowd cheers loudly. H chuckles over her spunk. He humors her and acts like he’s about to box with her. Rousey lands a series of punches and the crowd goes wild. Then she hoists Triple H on her shoudler for her finisher but Steph comes in and stop her. Rousey turns and Steph goes on the run. Rousey chases her around the ring and catches her, delivers some offense.

Steph, hoever, pushes Rousey face-first into the ring post. Back in the ring and Angle delivers a number of german suplexes to Triple H. He goes for the Angle Slam but Triple H defends and goes for a Pedigree. Angle defends and hits a catapult. Triple knocks his head off the ring post and Angle delivers the Angle Slam. He pins: 1-2-… but Triple H kicks out. Angle goes for the Ankle Lock but Steph steps in to stop him. She scream at Angle angrily and tries to kick him but Angle catches her foot. He looks around as the crowd chants “Yes!” Then Angle applies the Ankle Lock to her.

Triple H comes in and hits Angle with a Pedigree. He pins: 1-2-… but Rousey runs in and stops the count.

Triple H comes in and hits Angle with a Pedigree. He pins: 1-2-… but Rousey runs in and stops the count. The crowd chants, “This is Awesome!” Triple H then sets Rousey between his legs for a Pedigree. The crowd boos. He instead goes for a powerbomb but Rousey counters with the hurricanrana. Rousey then locks on an armbar to Triple H. Steph comes in and makes the save and puts Rousey in a deep-sunk choke. Rousey tries to shake out of it and she does, turning it into an armbar on Steph. Angle comes in and puts the Ankle Lock on Triple H.

Triple H manages to send Angle barrelling into Rousey, breaking both holds. Triple H throws Angle shoulder-first into the ring poist and Steph does the same to Rousey. Then Triple and Stephanie talk strategy for a minute. They set up for simultaneous Pedigrees. Both Angle and Rousey defend and Rousey ends up in a position to put Steph in an armbar. Steph cries out frantically “No!!” She begs. She pleads. But Rousey slaps it on and it’s tight. Stephanie is forced to tap out. Ronda Rousey wins in her first WWE match.

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle

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