Today, February 8, sees four wrestling birthdays. Big Show is 46 years old and Jim Neidhart turns 63. Freddie Blassie would have turned 100 and Sherri Martel would have been 60.

Big Show was born in 1972:

– Former WWE, WCW and ECW world champion

– Been with WWE for 19 years

Jim Neidhart was born in 1955:

– Trained by Stu Hart

– The father of Natalya

Freddie Blassie was born in 1918:

– Member of WWE Hall of Fame

– Managed the likes of Iron Sheik, Hulk Hogan and George Steele

Sherri Martel was born in 1958:

– Was a manger in WWE, WCW and ECW

– Sadly, passed away in 2007

Happy Birthday Big Show, Jim Neidhart, Sherri Martel and Freddie Blassie!!!

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