Today, January 4, sees three wrestling birthdays. La Parka II turns 52 years old and Jim Powers turns 60 years old. The late Chris Kanyon would have turned 48.

La Parka II was born in 1966:

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– His birth name is Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza

– Wrestled for WCW

– Feuded with L.A. Park and The New La Parka

Jim Powers was born in 1958:

– Fought in WCW, but never received any major storylines

– Won the NWA New Jersey Television Tag Team Championship with Danny Inferno

– Retired on February 3, 2010

Chris Kanyon was born in 1970:

– Wrestled for a time in WCW under a mask and with the name Mortis

– Took part in the invasion storyline

– Committed suicide in 2010 after years of depression

Happy Birthday to La Parka II, Jim Powers and the late Chris Kanyon!!!

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