Today, March 30, sees five wrestling birthdays. Trent Barreta turns 30 years old, Ronnie Garvin is 72, Zach Gowen hits 34, Jake Roberts becomes 62 and Mike Rotunda is 59.

Trent Barreta was born in 1987:

– Part of the Dude Busters

– Debuted for ROH in March 2015

Ronnie Garvin was born in 1945:

– Nicknamed “Rugged”

– Semi-retired from the ring

Zach Gowen was born in 1983:

– Lost his left leg as a child due to cancer

– Has wrestled Vince McMahon on PPV

Jake Roberts was born in 1955:

– Given the nickname “The Snake”

– Joined WWE Hall of Fame in 2014

Mike Rotunda was born in 1958:

– Known as Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.)

– Farther of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas

Happy Birthday Trent Barreta, Ronnie Garvin, Zach Gowen, Jake Roberts and Mike Rotunda!!!

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