– WWE’s website has a new storyline interview up with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler, asking if they are the new Lita and Edge. Here are a few comments from them:

“Any woman who has tried to get into this business has to give [Lita] a lot of credit. If they don’t they’re lying. With that said, I am not the next anybody, I am the first me. And I’m the only me. And there’s never gonna be another me.”

“I think if you try to recreate something, you are going to fail. To me, [Edge & Lita] are both Legends and I wouldn’t want to try to be them. I think we are kind of amazing in our own right, and we’re not the next anybody. We are the first ‘us.’”

“Everybody wants to do it better than others. We happen to do it great. But I don’t want to be a knock-off of someone else. I want to be the best Dolph Ziggler anybody’s ever seen and be the first Dolph Ziggler.”

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