Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Mr. Pay-Per-View, Rob Van Dam. Lilian Garcia is about to introduce Alberto Del Rio, but he insists he is introduced in Spanish.

The match starts off and Del Rio pummels RVD to the midsection and works his way outside. Before he can get a weapon, Van Dam slides and hits Del Rio in the head with a kick. RVD lands a moonsault off the barricade outside and nails Del Rio. RVD grabs a steel chair and tried to meet Del Rio in the ring although Del Rio hits him while on the apron. As Del Rio stalls, RVD leaps over the ropes and hits Del Rio with a flying DDT off the ropes. As RVD tries to capitalize, he follows Del Rio into the corner who hits the Back Stabber on Van Dam as he moves out of the way of his attack.

Del Rio continues to beat up RVD, until Van Dam changes the momentum and hits him with a spinning heel kick. RVD moves to the outside and grabs a ladder. Both men toggle with the ladder as RVD tries to come back to the ring, and ends up hitting Del Rio with the ladder in the face. RVD sets up the ladder in the corner and whips Del Rio into it, with the champion hitting the ladder hard and falling to the outside. RVD goes for the pin and gets the two-count.

RVD whips Del Rio into the ladder once more and tries to hit Rolling Thunder onto the ladder but Del Rio moved out of the way. As Van Dam stayed on the ladder, Del Rio hit him with an enziguri from behind.

Del Rio gets a trashcan and starts to whip RVD with it. He moves to the top rope with the can in hand and RVD hits a dropkick right on the trashcan, which crashes into Del Rio’s ribcage. Both men get up and start to trade fists, with RVD hitting a clothesline off the ropes as Del Rio shied away. RVD sets up the ladder on the ground and hits a body slam. He keeps Del Rio laid out on the ladder and hits him with his patented moonsault off the ropes.

With Del Rio still on the ladder, RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but misses. Del Rio hits the Cross Armbreaker but Rodriguez comes into the ring and hits Del Rio with a pale. Del Rio throws RVD to the outside and comes face to face with Ricardo. He tells him to give him the pale, and Ricardo is about to give it to him but clocks Del Rio with it multiple times. Del Rio ends up on the outside with Rodriguez and throws him into the barricade, followed by a kick. RVD comes to the rescue as Del Rio throws to bring the ladder in, with Van Dam kicking it back in Del Rio’s face.

With the ladder on top of Del Rio on the outside, RVD hits the Five Star Frogsplash on Del Rio. Both men take a while to get up and into the ring. With Del Rio in the corner, RVD went for the Van Terminator with a chair in hand but missed as Del Rio moved out of the way. Del Rio gets up and sets up a chair. With RVD running towards him, Del Rio hits him with a drop-toehold and puts his arm in the chair – smashing the chair with his feet. Del Rio hits the Cross Armbreaker with RVD’s arm trapped in the chair, leaving the former ECW star with no alternative but to tap out.

Alberto Del Rio defeats Rob Van Dam (retains World Heavyweight Championship)

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