Kofi is up first, who comes out to a nice pop, followed by the creepy entrance of The Wyatt Family.

Kofi clocks Bray with some kicks to the gut and Bray creepily laughs them off. Wyatt catches Kofi’s legs and smashed him to the ground. As Kofi gets up, Wyatt throws him into the corner but he hits Bray with a kick as he came in. Wyatt drills Kofi into the corner once again and starts to drill him with punches.

As he brings Kofi up, Bray nails him with a vicious clothesline. Wyatt works on Kofi’s jaw and nails him with a body slam. Bray lands an elbow drop.

Wyatt clenches Kofi’s jaw and starts to drill him in the face. Wyatt goes for a reverses suplex but Kofi reverses it. As Kofi goes for a springboard off the ropes, Wyatt catches him with a powerslam. Wyatt throws Kofi against the ropes who cradles around Wyatt’s shoulders and sends him crashing to the mat. Kingston hits the Boom Drop and is getting booed from the fans. Kofi signals for Trouble in Paradise but Wyatt counters with a splash.

In the corner, Wyatt hangs upside down and starts to walk towards Kofi reversed on all fours like The Exorcist. Kofi runs to the outside and is surrounded by the Wyatt Family. He runs in the ring and Bray goes for a diving clothesline, only to miss and finds himself on the outside. Kofi jumps over the ropes and hits them ll down with a flying somersault. Kofi tries to counter Wyatt’s neckbreaker, but Wyatt runs off the ropes and catches his arm, setting up Sister Abigail for the win.

Bray Wyatt defeats Kofi Kingston by pinfall

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