We go to a video montage that dates back to Ryback’s alliance with Heyman, and all of the buildup leading into this match.

Ryback ferociously makes his way to the ring first, and CM Punk comes out to a huge ovation afterwards.

Almost everyone is on their feet. They lock up and Ryback sends Punk in the corner and taunts him. They lock up again and Ryback sends Punk crashing to the mat. Punk starts to chop at Ryback’s legs as the monster gets up. Ryback goes to Heyman for advice on the outside and then enters the ring, greeted by more kicks from Punk.

Ryback tries to escape to the outside but Punk flies through the second ropes and hits him on the outside. Punk flies off the barricade and is caught by Ryback but sends him crashing into the post and steel steps. Punk hits a lateral press off the top rope as both men find themselves in the ring.

Ryback hits Punk with a clothesline and sends Punk crashing into the corner. Ryback moves to the outside and buries Punk into the post. Fans really letting Ryback have it with “Goldberg” and “You Can’t Wrestle” chants. Ryback hits Punk with a big belly-to-belly suplex and gets the two count.

Ryback puts Punk in a suplex position and drops him right onto the ropes. Ryback moves to the outside and clocks Punk right into the chest with a forearm. Ryback sends Punk in the corner and starts to drill him with shoulders. Ryback works a sleeperhold and Punk works his way back to his feet. Punk starts to land some kicks on Ryback and whips him into the ropes, landing a dropkick and a swinging neckbreaker. Punk signals the GTS.

Heyman grabs the mic and proclaims himself as the best in the world. With Punk distracted, Ryback spears Punk and lands a powerbomb but only gets the two count.

Ryback goes for a second powerbomb but Punk lands on his feet and catches Ryback with a roundhouse kick. Punk goes to the top rope and lands an elbow drop.

Punk sends Ryback into the corner and as he goes for his last knee to the face, Ryback catches him but Punk reverses it into a hurricanrana. Punk goes for the GTS but Ryback reverses it into a power slam. He gets a two count.

With Punk on the second rope, Ryback works on his back as Heyman grabs a kendo stick. With the referee warning Heyman, his back is turned and Punk hits a low blow on Ryback and gets the three count.

CM Punk defeats Ryback by pinfall

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