Axel is out first, accompanied by Paul Heyman, followed by R-Truth.

Both men lock up, with Truth slapping Axel as they break and hits him with a clothesline for the two-count. Truth nails Axel in the corner, smashing his head on the turnbuckle. Truth mounts Axel and lands 10 punches on him, followed by a body slam but only gets the two count. Truth clotheslines Axel onto the outside. Truth follows his opponent and hits him with a flying clothesline off the apron. Truth hooks the leg and gets a two count. Axel goes to the outside and Truth follows him. With Axel trying to get back into the ring, he kicks Truth into the barricade who is on the outside. Axel comes back outside and hits Truth with a spinebuster into the barricade.

Axel throws Truth back into the ring and hits him with a nice dropkick. Axel works a sleeperhold, and Truth starts to break free. Axel nails Truth back down and runs towards the ropes but is greeted with a flying unorthodox dropkick from Truth.

Truth hits Axel with two clotheslines and goes for another dropkick but gets the two count. Truth hits Axel with a suplex but only gets the two counts. Truth goes for Axel in the corner but the champion hits him with an elbow. Truth gets back and Axel picks him up and drills him into the turnbuckle with a backwards spinebuster.

Axel hits his finisher and gets the three count, retaining his title.

Curtis Axel defeats R-Truth (retains Intercontinental Championship)

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