Orton is out first, followed by Bryan.

They lock up, and Bryan throws Orton to the mat via a headlock. They separate and Bryan works another headlock before Orton whips him to the rope and shoulder-checks him. Orton calls for the hand as they clinch but Orton kicks Bryan right in the gut. Orton runs off the ropes right into a dropkicks. Bryan gives Orton a few kicks and works on Orton’s left arm. Orton reverses it into his patented reverse backbreaker.

Orton knees Bryan in the head a few times. Orton pulls Bryan’s hair and works on Bryans arm. Bryan reverses Orton’s position and whips him into the ropes, delivering a knee to the gut. Bryan works on Orton’s left ankle, slamming his knees down on it. Bryan traps Orton’s legs and starts to drill Orton with punches.  Bryan pits Orton on the top rope but The Viper throws Bryan off of him onto the ropes. Orton delivers a clotheslines off the ropes onto Bryan.

Orton sends Bryan into the corner and hits him with punches as he is mounted on top of Bryan. Orton head-butts Bryan in the corner. As Orton runs into him, Bryan gets a leg up but runs right into a powerslam. Orton gets a sleeperhold and Orton clocks him in the stomach. Bryan works his way back up and starts to punch Orton, swings off the top rope and runs into Orton who throws him over the top rope. Bryan hangs on and he throws Orton onto the outside, and dives from the inside onto Orton. Orton is against the barricade and Bryan hits him with a flying knee.  Bryan brings him back on the inside and flies from the top rope, right into a powerbomb. Orton gets a two count, and throws a Boston Crab onto Bryan.

Bryan powers out and ends up scoring a small package but gets the two count. With Orton moving to the outside, Bryan tries to hit him with a dropkick from the inside but slides to the outside where Orton throws him into the steps. Orton smashes him into the ring post and reverse suplexes him onto the barricade. He throws Bryan back on the inside. Orton lands a superplex off the ropes and gets the two count.

Orton picks up Bryan and taunts him, and they exchange uppercuts, with Bryan getting the best of the shots. He drops Orton. With Orton on the apron, Bryan goes for a suplex but Orton reverses it and sends Bryan to the outside. Orton removes the monitors from the Spanish announce table and is about to powerbomb Bryan through the table but Bryan flies out of it. He clocks Orton on the outside and goes up to the top ropes, hitting a giant splash on The Viper.

Back on the inside, Orton lays motionless and Bryan hits him with a head-butt off the top ropes, getting the two count. Bryan hits Orton with knees in the corner and starts to deck him in the chest with kicks. Orton catches Bryan and sends him down to the mat with a superplex, reminiscent of Taz’s work. Orton hits a DDT with Bryan’s legs dangling on the ropes and signals for the RKO.

Bryan escapes the RKO and ducks under Orton’s strike and Bryan gets Orton in the Yes Lock. With Orton in trouble, Big Show’s music hits and he sweeps the referees legs out of the ring. Big Show clocks Bryan in the head. Maddox comes out and sends Scott Armstrong to the ring. Big Show is receiving “You Sold Out” chants. Big Show then pulls Armstrong out of the ring, who was at a two count and clocks Armstrong right in the face. Show enters the ring and decks Orton in the face, who was yelling at him. Maddox looks stunned at the entrance ramp. Show had fought back against Corporate and now both combatants are on the ground, knocked out. Show’s music closes out the pay-per-view.

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