Renee Young chats with Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes and Goldust in the back. Dusty says what’s at stake is family and they will send The Shield running out of Buffalo tonight. Goldust says they will expose The Shield as the bosses’ puppets. Cody Rhodes says they will fight for their lives, and fight for their families.

The Shield is out first, with Ambrose on the outside. Dusty Rhodes’ music hits and out comes the Rhodes family.

Cody starts first against Rollins. Cody starts to drill Rollins with punches. Cody whips him into the ropes and hits Rollins with an overhead drop. Reigns charges into the opposite corner and Goldust starts to pummel him from the apron before him and his brother work on the big Samoan. Ambrose and Rollins rescue him from the outside. The Shield turn their attention to the outside and standoff against Dusty, who is met by his sons on the outside. The confrontation breaks and Goldust goes to work on Reigns in the ring. Reigns kicks Goldust in the gut and head-butts him. He whips Goldust into the ropes who reverses and hits Reigns with a clothesline. He tags in Cody, who cannot get the best of Reigns and finds himself on the receiving end of a clotheslines and in the opposite corner.

Rollins is tagged in and Cody starts to regain his composure, and starts to pummel Rollins in the corner. Rollins ends up picking up Rhodes and smashing him into the turnbuckle before tagging in Reigns who buries Cody with a clothesline. Rollins gets tagged in shortly afterwards, and works an armlock on Cody. Rollins kicks Cody in the gut, who starts to wake up a little but is drilled into the corner for his troubles.

They suspend Cody upside down but he rallies out of the corner and starts to hit both men. He hits a moonsault on Rollins and tags in his brother, Goldust. Goldust hits Reigns with an atomic drop and moves to the top rope, where he hits a reverse moonsault but only gets the two count.

Goldust is then double-teamed and thrown to the outside, where he gets back into the ring a split-second before the end of the ten count. Reigns has Goldust in a chin lock and as Goldust works his way back to his feet, Reigns hits him with a flying clothesline.

Rollins is tagged in and works a submission reminiscent to Ted Dibiase’s finisher. Goldust works his way back to his feet and hits a powerslam on Rollins as he comes off the ropes. Goldust tags in Cody, who is exploding with flying elbows. He hits Rollins with an overhead slam, but only gets a two count. Rhodes catches Rollins off the top rope and hits him with an unorthodox suplex off his shoulders. Reigns interferes and throws Goldust to the outside, where Cody hits him with a Disaster Kick. As Reigns falls to the outside, Rollins hits Cody in the ring.

On the outside, Dusty is confronted by Ambrose and hits him with his belt and the Bionic Elbow. As Reigns is about to attack Dusty, Goldust nails him with a flying elbow.

In the ring, Cody survives a roll up from Rollins and hits the Cross Rhodes, pinning Rollins and securing his job along with his father’s and his brother’s employment.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust beats The Shield (Rollins & Reigns) by pinfall

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