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Jeff Hardy has entered a guilty plea for a driving while impaired charge from this past March when he struck a guardrail with his vehicle. WBTV reports that Hardy received a $300 fine for court costs and a 120-day suspended sentence. Hardy has had to turn over his license and he needs to attend an assessment and treatment class. He also has 48 hours of community service to complete within a 120-day time period.

The incident in question happened in Concord, North Carolina. Hardy managed to drive off the road and hit the guardrail, which caused his car to spin 90 degrees and finally come to rest in the opposite lane. Police estimated that the accident caused $8000 damage to Hardy’s 2016 Cadillac and $5000 damage to the guardrail. The roadside Breathalyzer test revealed he had a blood alcohol level of .25, which is 3X the legal limit.

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Hardy has had two WWE Wellness Policy violations in the past, though not recently, but this incident doesn’t count as a violation. It also doesn’t seem to have affected his status within WWE. He had been off due to injury when the DWI occurred and he was still given a push and made United States Champion as soon as he came back from injury.

WWE issued the following statement at the time:

“Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions. We are investigating the matter and awaiting information from local law enforcement officials.”

Even Woken Matt Hardy had some words about it:

Chances are being out with an injury caused Jeff’s idle hands to briefly get the best of him. He’s had his substance issues in the past but has evidently come a long way since then. Some of that aspect of the story is expected to be in the upcoming WWE 24 about the Hardys which airs this Sunday after Money In The Bank.

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