– The latest episode WWE Countdown looks at the wildest Holiday moments:

– WWE agent Jamie Noble turns 36 years old today while wrestling legend The Great Muta turns 50.

– In his latest Canoe column, Tommy Dreamer wrote about his return to RAW last week:

“The match itself was good, the fans were surprised and most of all, they were happy. In times of trouble in society, I always say wrestling is a great escape from reality. If you take it from its inner core, it’s good vs. evil, a roller coaster of emotions and one hell of a show. I put smiles on people’s faces and was given an opportunity and created a moment for myself. That really is what it is all about. When I returned to my dressing area and picked up my phone, I had 117 text messages from friends, family, celebrities and sports figures, with nothing but positive comments and congratulations on my WWE return.”

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