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– According to PW Insider, WWE filed for trademarks around a variety of old WCW concepts on September 21 of this year, including: Halloween Havoc, Fall Brawl, WCW Monday Nitro, and World Championship Wrestling. They also filed to trademark the New World Order (NWO) logo. In addition to these, they applied for WWE Hidden Gems and All Star Wrestling.

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One can’t help but speculate if some of these old WCW concepts will make their way back into this new generation of sports entertainment, and with rumors and speculation buzzing around Hulk Hogan returning to the Crown Jewel event, taking place in Saudi Arabia on November 2, will the WWE Universe be privy to a NWO return or a new faction being assembled under that very same name? Only time will tell.

– Speaking of buzz, there has been of talk recently about a one-on-one match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels; in fact, WNZ recently reported that the plan may be for The Heartbreak Kid to officially return to Crown Jewel and do as many as five matches during his comeback run. While there has been speculation that a singles match between the Phenom and HBK could take place at Survivor Series, or event the 2019 Royal Rumble, some interesting information has popped up to further add fuel to this wrestling rumor fire.

While the Undertaker doesn’t do many public appearances, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Deadman is slated to participate in an autograph signing during Survivor Series weekend, on Saturday November 17th.

It’ll be very interesting to see how the Survivor Series card will form, and while The Phenom has yet to be confirmed for the actual event, the above provides a very good possibility that he could be a part of this year’s SS pay-per-view.

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