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Wrestlenewz brings you live play-by-play coverage & results for tonight’s WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view broadcast. Kick-off starts at 7 pm EST and the main show at 8 pm EST on WWE Network. Tweet and follow @wrestlenewz on Twitter.

Match Lineup:

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Hell In A Cell Kickoff: 7 pm EST

Tag Team Match: Benjamin & Gable vs. The Hype Bros

Zack Ryder and Shelton Benjamin start things off. They tie up and start jockeying for position. They go back and forth through some transitions with neither man gaining the advantage. Suddenly, Benjamin delivers a crushing spinebuster and Ryder rolls out of the ring. Commercial break.

Back again and Chad Gable hits a fisherman suplex on Ryder for a 2-count. Benjamin tags back in and picks up the offense. Benjamin whips Ryder into the corner and tags Gable in again. Ryder tries to turn things around but Gable gets fired up and stomps Ryder out in the corner. Benjamin & Gable cycle tags and cut the ring off from Ryder. Benjamin sets Ryder up on the top rope and goes up but Ryder knocks him back down. Ryder leaps off and connects with a missile drop-kick. Both men sell and finally Ryder gets a tag to Mojo Rawley, who comes in hot.

Mojo whips Gable from corner to corner, landing splashes each time. Irish whip and Mojo hits Gable with a spinning tilt-a-whirl powerslam for a 2-count. Gable comes back and manages to set Mojo up. He goes for a moonsault but Mojo moves. Mojo can’t capitalize and Gable delivers a vicious belly-to-belly suplex. This time he lands the moonsault. He pins but Mojo kicks out. Benjamin & Gable deliver a team move. Mojo kicks out of another pin.

After a few more scrambles, Benjamin & Gable hit their team finisher on Ryder and get the pinfall.

Winners: Benjamin & Gable


WWE Hell In A Cell: 8 pm EST

Hell In A Cell Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) vs. The Usos

New Day gets to the ring and starts cutting a promo. They say tonight will be a New Day apocalypse for The Usos because they’re about to drop some biblical doom and gloom. Big E drops the mic as The Usos make their entrance. The ref holds up the title belts and then locks the two teams inside the cell. Kofi Kingston is on the outside with Big E and Xavier Woods inside with The Usos.

The two teams stand across the ring from each other and stare each other down. Then both teams slide out of the ring on opposite sides and go under the ring to get weapons. Woods has a kendo stick, Big E has a chain wrapped around his hand. The Usos have a kendo stick and a chair. They engage and a brawl breaks out. Big E lifts Woods and drops him down onto Jimmy with a chain-wrapped fist.

Then Jey Uso takes a baseball slide form both Big E and Woods. Jimmy recovers and hits a big dive over the top rope out onto New Day. Back in the ring and Big E spears Jimmy from the apron and they fly into the cage. Woods uses a piece of his trombone to smash Jey with. Big E emerges from under the ring with a second trombone and Woods rips it into Jey’s gut. Then Big E emerges with a cowbell and Woods uses that to hit Jey with. Now Big E produces a drum cymbal and Woods plays it into Jey’s ear.

Woods goes to the top rope for a splash but Jimmy throws a chair at him and knocks him to the floor. The Usos take control now. They both get kendo sticks and start beating Big E with them in tandem. The Usos go get Woods on the outside. Jimmy pins Woods against the cage and Jey runs and crushes him with a butt-splash. Back in the ring and The Usos go back to work on Big E. Jimmy charges E but misses and Big E hits Jey with an overhead suplex. Then he moves toward Jimmy who halts E’s momentum.

Jimmy and E fight on the apron. Jimmy runs at E, who boosts him up and drops him as Woods receives him, driving a knee into Jimmy’s back. Jimmy cries out in agony upon the landing. Back in the ring and Big E clotheslines Jey out of the ring. Woods goes under the ring and brings out a multitude of kendo sticks. They pin Jey into the corner of the cage outside the ring with kendo sticks. Woods talks trash in Jey’s face. Then New Day goes over to Jimmy. They tear his shirt off and Big E throws him face first into the steel steps.

Woods goes to the top rope but then Jey escapes his bounds and runs over to rescue his brother. He takes Woods out and then Jimmy gets Big E up on his shoulders. Jey does a suicide dive, driving his shoulder right into Big E’s face. They all topple to the floor. The crowd chants, “Holy shit!” In the ring, The Usos hit a pair of consecutive splashes on Big E and pin for a near-fall.

The Usos emerge with some handcuffs and cuff Big E to the turnbuckle. Then they cuff Woods to the ring post. Jey starts delivering shots with a kendo stick to Woods’ helplessly exposed abdomen. The Usos mock Kofi on the other side of the cage as they mercilessly swing the sticks at the bound Woods. Then The Usos turn their sights to Big E. The ref has since freed Big E from the cuffs for some reason and Big E catches The Usos coming in. E has a look of rage on his face and starts taking it to them.

E drives them into the cage on the outside. Back inside and E takes the straps off his singlet off. Big E hits a Big Ending on Jimmy and pins but he kicks out. Jey goes for a superkick but E catches it and puts on a submission. Jimmy lands a superkick on E and then The Usos deliver a tandem simultaneous splash and pin but Woods breaks the count. Woods is still cuffed, and as The Usos whack away at him with kendo sticks, he tries to fight back defiantly.

The Usos stifle him, lay a chair on top of him, deliver a tandem simultaneous splash and pin for the 3-count. The Usos are the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

Winners: The Usos (c)

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