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Want to hear a hilarious joke? WWE told one today that is an absolute hoot and a holler. In a preview for tonight’s Monday Night Raw, the seminal sports entertainment promotion asked their stalwart fanbase if Roman Reigns should get another title shot against Brock Lesnar.

No, really. When you’ve finished laughing, it is my sincere regret to inform you that it seems they might actually be serious.

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It’s as if they paid no attention to the fact that people were walking out during Reigns’ main event match last night. If your main event star causes people to head home early (your MAIN EVENT star, let’s just make sure we get that understood. The main attraction. The guy you are using to sell the whole show. The guy people are supposed to be there to see in the first place); if your audience heads home during your star attraction’s performance, he might not be the guy for the job. I know, what an abstract theory. I’m a noodling philosopher with wild ideas. But just think about it for a while and it starts to make sense. Trust me.

Anyways, here’s WWE’s audacious and hilarious question for you and I, the masochistic fans of a sadistically poor product:

Has Reigns earned the right to once again challenge The Beast?

Roman Reigns scored a huge victory over Samoa Joe in the main event on WWE Backlash, and after the controversial outcome against Lesnar at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, many are calling him the “Uncrowned Universal Champion.” Is The Big Dog destined to once again step into the belly of The Beast?


Despite last night’s Backlash pay-per-view falling well short of its mark, The Miz, as always, was a shining light in the dark. After having a barnburner of a match with the another shining light in Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins, Miz appeared on the Backlash post-show in top form.

Miz relentlessly busted Pete Rosenberg’s balls and delivered line after line of gold. However, WWE has no idea what is actually entertaining so the highlight clip they posted shows none of that. It only shows the least interesting parts. What a surprise.

Below is the clip WWE posted. If you want to find the good stuff, you’ll have to really search for it. Because it’s evidently not as easy to find the full clip as you might hope. WWE really has reached new lows this time.

Here’s what they want you to remember about Miz’s appearance. Maybe he improvised too much for them, who knows?

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