Big E Langston and Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs. The Uso Brothers. The Usos took and early advantage and set up for a wrecking ball on fandango. Langston pulled Fandango to the floor, and the Usos followed with a dive on Langston to the outside. Langston and Fandango sold on the floor as the Usos celebrated in the ring…

Back from the break, Fandango rolled out of the ring to avoid Jimmy Uso’s offense. He tagged Langston into the match and Langston overpowered Jimmy. Langston worked over Jimmy with a series of power moves before tagging Fandango back in to work over Jimmy’s neck. The heels continued to work frequent tags.

Eventually, Jey Uso got the got tag into the match and outpaced Langston. Jey ran through his offense and scored a wrecking ball on Langston. Fandango caused a distraction long enough for Langston to recover and clothesline Jey.

Langston set up for the Big Ending, but Jey slipped out and hit a superkick. Jey tagged in Jimmy, and Jimmy hit the Superfly splash for the pinfall victory…

The Uso Brothers defeated Fandango and Big E Langston in 12:37.

The announcers set up the interview with Triple H about Stephanie McMahon’s use of the Big Show as a personal weapon. Triple H was talking about how The Miz deserved what he got for being a smartass, and Cole pointed out his hypocrisy. Triple H said you can only be a smartass if you can back it up, and he said Miz can’t…

Big Show vs. Damien Sandow. Show shoved Sandow out of the ring early, and Sandow posed with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Show backed Sandow into a corner and slapped his chest repeatedly.

Sandow poked Show’s eye and went to the second rope, but when he jumped Show slapped him out of the air. Sandow came back with a series of kicks and hit the Elbow of Disdain for a two count.

Show hit Sandow with a side suplex, followed quickly by the KO punch for the pinfall victory…

Big Show defeated Damien Sandow in 3:38

After the match, Big Show broke the Money in the Bank briefcase’s handcuff off of the steel post and placed the briefcase on the fallen Sandow’s chest. Tony Chimel did Damien Sandow’s post-match “still future World Heavyweight Champion” bit for him while Sandow weakly pointed in the air…

Curtis Axel (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Justin Gabriel. The two men worked some chain wrestling to start, but Axel started to jaw with Gabriel and shoved him a few times, and Gabriel sent Axel to the floor with a punch.

Axel complained to Heyman and Gabriel attempted to hit Axel with a baseball slide. Axel sidestepped the attack, however, and hit a clothesline to gain the upper hand…

Back from the break, Curtis Axel remained in control and he locked in a chinlock. Axel put on a crazed face and started growling and snarling. Axel continued to work over Gabriel’s head and spine.

Gabriel began making his comeback late in the match and got a near fall off of a springboard cross body. Axel kicked Gabriel while he was in the ropes and followed with a hanging neckbreaker.

Axel hit a saito suplex and followed with a running neckbreaker that Gabriel was able to slip out of. Gabriel hit a spinning back kick for a near fall. Gabriel set up for the 450 splash but Axel rolled across the ring.

Gabriel hit a running elbow and Axel rolled to the floor. Hen Gabriel attempted to follow Axel, Axel pulled Gabriel into the ring rope. Axel rolled into the ring and hit his finisher for the pin.

Curtis Axel defeated Justin Gabriel in 14:55


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