-We go live from The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan for WWE Night of Champions 2013, with the WWE Pre-Show now entitled “Kickoff” commencing what should be an action-packed evening. Josh Matthews gets us going with shots of fans inside the Joe Louis Arena. He introduces the panel that includes Alex Riley, Booker T and Santino Marella.

-Matthews asks Booker what he is most looking forward to and he says the WWE Championship match featuring Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. Santino picks CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Riley says he is excited that the panel has a chance to provide their opinions.

-The panel starts talking about the tag team turmoil match. Santino says The Usos have an upper advantage because they are twin brothers – and you can’t teach that. Booker says The Prime Time Players have huge momentum going in while Riley agrees with Booker that The Usos have momentum but ultimately he picks The Usos to win.

-Rene Young in the social media lounge says she wants fans to get interactive on social media, with a poll asking who are the greatest tag team champions of all time, including The Hart Foundation, The Legion of Doom and others.

-A backstage shot focuses on Paul Heyman who looks very stressed. Heyman is approached by Brad Maddox who asks if everything is okay and Heyman starts to snap. He says out of all people, Maddox is asking him if he is ok but he was the one who booked him into facing CM Punk alongside Curtis Axel. Heyman then comes up with an idea, in which he says he could punch the referee and get disqualified. He said Maddox was a former referee and that he has come up with a masterplan. Maddox suggests their match should be a No Disqualification Match. It’s official – the stipulation has changed in the handicap match.

-The panel starts discussing what they just saw, and Riley thinks that No Disqualification benefits Heyman.

-The panel starts discussing what they just saw, and Riley thinks that No Disqualification benefits Heyman.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil Pre-show Match:?3MB vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) vs. The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) vs. Tons of Funk (Tensai and Brodus Clay)

-We go ringside with Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and JBL for the Tag Team Turmoil match. The first team up is 3MB, and all three men come out. Secondly, is Tons of Funk.

Brodus Clay and Heath Slater start things off (3MB consists of Slater and McIntyre). Sweet T gets tagged in and Slater avoids him, leading him to the outside and Drew McIntyre summersaults over the top rope onto the outside. Drew starts to punch him, throws him to the ropes and Sweet T reverses with a roll-up. Drew starts working him in the corner. Tensai reverses and gets a schoolboy, giving Tons of Funk the win. Up next, are The Real Americans. 3MB start to beat on Tensai but The Real Americans want none of them involved.

Tensai tags in Clay after a break (which was a promo for the main event), and Clay starts to work on Cesaro. He hits a big splash from the second rope but Swagger breaks up the count. Clay picks up Cesaro for a bodyslam but Cesaro tagged Swagger, who now comes in and gets an ankle lock on Clay. The Real Americans advance as Clay taps. The Usos are up next.

The Usos throw their opponents outside and both Jimmy and Jey take turns on aerial maneuvers on the outside. Jimmy starts working on Cesaro throwing him to the ropes but Cesaro reverses. He tags in Swagger and they double-team Jimmy with a double slam. Swagger drags Jimmy to the corner and tags in Cesaro.

The match continues after another break, and cuts to Swagger about to get a suplex off the ropes but Jey reverses and Swagger comes back down – getting him in an ankle lock and picking up the victory.

The Prime Time Players race to the ring and Titus O’Neil starts to pummel away on Swagger, with a reverse bodyslam, reminiscent of the one Razor Ramon used to throw. Swagger reverses Titus and gets him in an ankle lock but Darren Young interferes. Cesaro runs after Young but Darren throws him to the outside. Titus tags in Young who finds himself in an ankle lock but he throws him to the turnbuckle with his feet. Darren Young hits his finisher and The Prime Time Players will face The Shield.

The Prime Time Players def. The Real Americans by pinfall (will challenge The Shield for The Tag Team Championship)

We go to the panel one last time, and they think the cards may be stacked against Daniel Bryan. Santino and Riley predict Orton while Booker T goes with Bryan.

The pay-per-view starts with a montage showing the WWE Championship and Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The promo features footage from Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan’s feud, alongside CM Punk, Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

Justin Roberts announces Triple H, who makes his way to ringside. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL introduce themselves and the Spanish colleagues beside them.

Triple H welcomes the crowd and says Night of Champions will be one of the greatest nights in history. He says to show us he is not the corporate evil villain many believe him to be; he announces there will be no interference from anyone in the main event. Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel interrupts. Heyman says he has tried to leave messages to Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H says he looks like a wreck. Heyman yells at him and apologizes immediately. Heyman says Punk does not just want to beat him but that he wants to give him such a beating nobody ever wants to see him again.

Heyman asks that Triple H cancels the match. HHH asks him if that has anything to do with his match being turned into a No Disqualification Match. Triple H says he does not even have to tag in and that Axel can handle Punk. Axel interrupts and says Triple H acting this way because Axel beat him on Raw. Triple H said he should not poke the bear. Triple H said Night of Champions is a pay-per-view where every title is on the line. Seeing the Intercontinental Championship is not on the line, he will defend it against the first person that he sees when he walks backstage. Triple H says that match is happening now. Looks like Axel is fighting twice tonight.

Heyman takes the mic and says this match is being taken place under protest against his client, Axel. Kofi Kingston’s music hits and we have our first match of the night,

Intercontinental Championship Match: Curtis Axel vs. Kofi Kingston

They lock horns, Axel works a headlock. Axel starts to work on Kofi in the corner. Soon after, Kofi switches places and works some kicks to Axel’s gut. After a dropkick, Axel escapes to the outside. Ad he gets on the apron, Kofi tries a suplex but Axel reverses – only to get spinning-heel kicked for a two-count. Axel throws Kofi to the outside and as Axel tries to capitalize, Kofi rushes to the top rope and hits splash, avoiding getting thrown into the steel steps.

In the ring, Axel starts to punch away on Kofi and ties him upside in the corner. He crashes into his body and gets a two-count. Axel elbows Kofi to the head and works a sleeper. Kofi tries to break free, swings Axel to the ropes, only to be reverse suplexed. Axel gets the two-count. Axel works another submission as the crowd chants for Kofi. Kingston breaks free again but gets caught by a clothesline. Another two-count for Axel. Axel stomps on Kofi’s head and walks on his face.

Axel works another submission but this time Kofi breaks free, hitting a big backwards splash off the top rope. Kofi hits the Boom-Drop, and taunts the champion and misses his finisher with Axel driving his shoulder into Kofi in the corner. Kofi catches him with a big kick and as he goes to the top rope, he crashes down as Axel hits him with a dropkick to the mid-section. Axel picks him up but Kofi reverses the suplex. Kofi goes for a modified schoolboy and gets the two-count.

Axel hits a clothesline and starts to grind Kofi’s face to the ground. Kofi goes for the SOS, misses Trouble in Paradise and as Axel goes for a reverse neckbreaker, Kofi hits the SOS and gets a very close two-count. Kofi whips him to the corner but Axel gears out of the way. Axel picks up Kofi on his shoulders and laces him in the throat with the ropes. He hits his finisher, Picture Perfect DDT and retains his title.

Curtis Axel defeats Kofi Kingston by pinfall, retains WWE Intercontinental Championship

Replays show Axel’s finisher and Paul Heyman prays to the skies.

A poll runs to see whom the fans thought was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time, and they picked Chris Jericho.

We go backstage to Rob Van Dam and Ricardo Rodriguez. RVD asks him if he is okay, and Ricardo tells him he will be even better when he wins the World Heavyweight Champion. RVD asks him how to say numerous things in Spanish including Rolling Thunder, Mr. Monday Night and Five-Star Frogsplash. He says what is Spanish for Alberto Del Rio and he says he has no balls. RVD asks what is Spanish for The World Heavyweight Championship and Ricardo says that is RVD.

AJ Lee is seen skipping backstage and Natalya, Layla and Alicia Fox do not seem pleased with AJ. The champion tells her counterparts that she will win her match with the help of her peers – who walk away. Layla stands alone and she eventually escapes – leaving AJ Lee alone. A poll runs to see who is the best Divas Champion of all-time. The fans pick Trish Stratus.

A video montage shows AJ Lee’s pipe bomb on the division and build-up to the Divas Fatal Four Way, which is up next.

WWE Divas Championship Match (Fatal Four Way): AJ Lee vs. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella

Natalya comes out first, followed by Naomi, Brie Bella and then AJ Lee last. The girls start to circle each other and AJ escapes to the outside as all three girls chase her. Brie smashes her into the barricade. Naomi follows with the same and Natalya throws her back in the ring. Brie knees her to the outside and double-clotheslines Natalya and Naomi. Brie knees both Natalya and Naomi, dropkicking Natalya to the outside. Naomi dropkicks Brie. Brie ducks underneath a clothesline and Naomi hits her with a hurricanrana. Natalya comes in to capitalize but AJ gets back to the ring and gets the two-count from a schoolboy.

AJ and Natalya trade blows, with AJ eventually getting thrown to the outside. Naomi misses a splash on Natalya, and AJ throws her to the outside. Naomi tries an aerial maneuver to Brie but AJ pulls her down.

In the ring, Natalya suplexes Brie. She clotheslines Naomi on her way in. Natalya scoops Brie and bodyslams her onto Naomi. The broadcast team are trying to sell the fact that the referee is not counting since the shoulder are down (they are right). Natalya hits a double sharpshooter on them both, and AJ Lee hits Natalya from behind. AJ traps Natalya in The Black Widow and Natalya taps.

AJ Lee defeats Natalya (by submission), Naomi and Brie Bella, retains WWE Women’s Championship

We go to the panel and Booker T says Alberto Del Rio has proven he is the real deal. Santino believes they are very equal. Riley says after 17 years of experience, this could be RVD’s last chance.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD comes out first to a big ovation. Del Rio follows, and we see highlights from SmackDown where Del Rio attacked his opponent.

Ricardo announces RVD from the great state of Michigan, calling him Mr. Pay-Per-View. Lilian Garcia introduces Del Rio in Spanish.

Del Rio kicks RVD to the gut and shoulder-checks him. RVD hits him with a dropkick as he taunted the crowd. RVD catches Del Rio with a a vicious kick in the corner and hits him with a standing moonsault. He throws Del Rio to the ropes but the champion dropkicks him right in the head. Del Rio goes for a kick but Van Dam throws him to the outside. RVD hits a moonsault off the apron. RVD suplexes Del Rio onto the barricade, hops onto the apron, points to the shoulders and hits him with a spinning heel-kick on his back.

They both go for suplexes on the apron but Del Rio hits Van Dam onto the ropes and then flies through the ropes to hit him on the outside. He throws the former ECW star into the barricade and tosses him back into the ring only to get a two-count. Del Rio works a sleeperhold. RVD breaks free and goes for a sunset flip and gets a two-count. Del Rio then suplexes him and kicks him in the head. Del Rio strangles him with the ropes and kicks him some more.

Del Rio works another sleeperhold while the crowd chants RVD. Del Rio hits RVD with a reverse suplex. Del Rio hits an enziguri on Van Dam while he is standing on the apron. Del Rio goes for a splash through the ropes but misses. In the ring, RVD hits Del Rio with a superkick and goes for the top rope. RVD catches Del Rio with a kick off the ropes, goes for Rolling Thunder but misses. Del Rio hits The Backstabber and only gets a two-count. Del Rio picks up RVD who fights back, and hits him with a splash off the top rope.

Del Rio clotheslines RVD and goes for the Cross-Arm Breaker but RVD fights off and catches his knees by hooking him with his heels but only gets a two-count. Del Rio hits him with another enziguri but only gets a two-count. Del Rio runs and stomps his opponent. Del Rio goes for a move off the top rope but RVD kicks him in the head. RVD goes for The Five Star Frog Splash but Del Rio knees him to the gut. Del Rio hits the Cross-Arm Breaker who is squirming his way to the ropes. RVD eventually catches the ropes. Del Rio does not break the hold, and the referee counts to five – and then calls for the bell. RVD wins by disqualification, and the champion retains.

Rob Van Dam defeats Alberto Del Rio by disqualification (Del Rio retains the World Heavyweight Championship)

Del Rio continues to attack Van Dam after the bell and goes for the chair. Ricardo storms in and grabs the chair from Del Rio. RVD hits him with a DDT. Ricardo summons RVD to go to the top rope, while he holds onto the chair. Del Rio is in the corner and RVD goes to the opposite rope – with ECW chants blaring. RVD hits the champion with The Van Terminator. A nice ECW throwback in Detroit with that move.

We go backstage to Axel and Heyman and the former ECW boss is telling his client if he realizes what he has done and that Heyman cannot make amends for Axel creating an enemy with Triple H if he is left alone with CM Punk. He tells Axel he needs for him to believe in himself.

We go back to the commentary team and they announce a poll to determine whom the best WWE Champion of all-time is. We go to Triple H backstage and Orton rushes into his office asking why he banned ringside interference. Orton says what is not broken should not be fixed. HHH tells the champion he wants to know if he picked the right guy to be the face of the company. Orton says he did and walks away.

Fandango vs. The Miz

Fandango makes his way to ringside, dancing inside the arena with Summer Rae. The Miz comes out next. They should highlights from SmackDown’s dance-off.

They lock up and Fandango steers out of Miz’s way with dance moves. Fandango works a headlock and is thrown to the ropes, only to be goosed into a figure-four attempt. Fandango escapes and chokes Miz on the ropes. Miz breaks free and scores a hip toss. Miz goes for the top rope but Summer Rae distracts and down goes The Miz. Fandango hits him with a bodyslam and cradles him into a submission attempt. Fandango goes for a reverse suplex but Miz reverses and throws him to the outside.

As The Miz approaches, he goes for a double-axe handled off the apron but Fandango hits him with a dropkick to the gut. Back in the ring, Fandango works on Miz’s mid-section.

Fandango hits Miz with an elbow but Miz runs to the ropes and hits his opponent with a clothesline. Miz throws Fandango into the corner and crashes into him. Miz hits a DDT and gets a two-count. The crowd starts a “We want tables chant” – hinting at their boredom.

Fandango starts to reverse the Miz’s attacks and starts to limp – which could be a legitimate injury (or not, which means he’s selling it greatly). Fandango goes to the top rope and misses the legdrop. Fandango tries to steal a victory with a cradle but Miz kicks out and traps him into the figure-four. Fandango taps quickly.

The Miz defeats Fandango by submission

The WWE salutes Michigan’s Army National Guard who are in attendance and they get a big “USA” chant. Up next is Punk vs. Axel and Heyman, in which we see a video montage hyping up this match.

Handicap Elimination Match (No Disqualification): CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel

Axel and Heyman come out first. Heyman looks petrified. Punk’s music hits and Heyman looks like he is about to cry. Punk comes out with a kendo stick. Instead of “clobbering time,” he says “time to die!”

Both Axel and Punk start off with kendo sticks, and Punk starts to clobber Axel in the gut. He chokes him with the stick, as Heyman looks petrified outside. Punk dives throw the ropes onto Heyman. He throws him into the ring. The crowd is buzzing. Punk grabs the stick and Axel hits him with a lowblow – saving his boss. Axel starts to punch away on Punk.

Axel grabs a kendo stick and nails Punk in the back. He cracks him right on the head and gets a two-count. Heyman screams, “I believe in you” from the outside. Axel grabs a chair and Punk revives himself, hitting Axel in the gut. Punk picks up the chair but eventually gets dropkicked. Punk and Axel trade chops and Axel nails Punk with a clothesline. Axel goes and grabs a table from under the ring. He sets it up in the corner. Axel goes for a suplex onto the table but Punk reverses and this time, Axel blocks and suplexes Punk on the opposite side of the table.

Axel hits an elbow drop from the second rope and gets a two-count. Axel puts a sleeper on Punk. With a chair setup in the corner, Punk shakes off the cobwebs and throws Axel right into the chair and the son of the former legend Mr. Perfect falls to the outside. As he gets back in, Punk throws him into the corner and hits him with a running knee. Punk goes for the elbow drop on the top rope but Axel rolls out. As Punk goes for a dive through the second rope, Axel hits him with a chair. Axel throws him back into the ring and hits him with a neckbreaker but only gets the two-count.

Axel starts to drill Punk with a kendo stick to the back. Axel goes for the Neck Breaker DDT but Punk goes for the GTS, and Axel rolls out. As a reversal fails Axel, Punk hits him with the GTS and submits Axel with the Anaconda Vice. Axel taps and Punk does not let go. Axel is eliminated. Bring on Heyman.

CM Punk eliminates Curtis Axel by pinfall

Heyman looks scared silly. He starts to march to the back. Punk follows, running through the crowd and eventually gets back into the ring. Heyman tries to hug Punk but Punk laughs it off and hits him mercilessly with a kendo stick. Punk starts to loosen up his boot and pulls out a chain. He ties Heyman’s arms behind his back with the kendo stick, starts to hack at his angles. Heyman is screaming in pain. Punk starts to drill Heyman in the gut with the kendo stick. With a bar of soap tied to the kendo stick, Punk says he is going to break his face. As Punk is about to hit Heyman, Ryback storms into the ring, picks up CM Punk and drills him with a spinebuster right into the table that was setup in the corner. Ryback seemed to injure himself, as he lied there for a few seconds – looking like he knocked himself out on the turnbuckle. He regains consciousness and he pulls Heyman onto Punk for the three-count.

Paul Heyman defeats CM Punk by pinfall

They run the replay and Heyman is being carried out by Ryback. Punk wakes back up and throws the officials off of him.

The panel discusses what has transpired in the evening so far, and they laugh off Booker T being named as the fan’s choice for the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all-time. Santino is impressed with Kofi who took Axel to the limit and cannot believe what he just saw with Ryback. The Shield’s music hits, and out comes Dean Ambrose from the crowd.

WWE United States Championship Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler

Both competitors start off by exchanging ground maneuvers. Ambrose catches Ziggler in an armlock. Ambrose nails Ziggler with a shoulder drop. Ziggler dropkicks Ambrose while he taunts him and follows up with ten elbowdrops. As Ambrose gets up, Ziggler clotheslines him as both men fall to the outside.

Ziggler smashes Ambrose onto the apron and he drags him back into the ring. Both men start to exchange chops. Huge spinebuster by Ambrose followed by an elbowdrop but only gets a one-count. Ambrose starts to drake at Ziggler’s face. Ambrose puts Ziggler in a chinlock.

Ziggler works his way back up and scores a sunset flip off the ropes, only to get a two-count. Ziggler starts to catch fire, as he goes to the second rope but Ambrose follows him. The Shield leader starts to rake at Ziggler’s back and hits him with a butterfly off the second rope. He gets a two-count. Ambrose goes to the top rope and Ziggler rushes him, hitting an X-Factor off the top rope. Ziggler gets a two-count. Back on their feet, Ambrose catches Ziggler in a full nelson but Ziggler reverses for a pin but Ambrose kicks out. Ziggler hits him with a flying clothesline. Off the ropes, Ambrose ties to pick up Ziggler but “The Show Off” catches him in a sleeperhold. Ambrose reverses it into a suplex.

After a number of reversals from both men, Ziggler hits a Fame Asser but Ambrose is too close to the ropes and put his foot on it. He walks to the outside and Ziggler follows, and as Ambrose gets back in, he attacks Ziggler. Ziggler fights it off and goes for a splash in the corner but Ambrose reverses it and hits his finisher for the three count.

Dean Ambrose defeats Dolph Ziggler by pinfall, retains the United States Championship

Reigns and Rollins rush to the ring to celebrate with their partner, and we get the poll results for the greatest U.S. champion of all-time, which is Sting, according to the fans. The Prime Time Players then make it to the ring and they show a clip of the “Kickoff” match where the Prime Time Players won the tag team turmoil.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. The Prime Time Players

Titus O’Neil starts with Rollins, who taunts Titus but eventually gets rag dolled and scooped up for a backwards body slam. Young gets tagged in and starts working on Rollins. The Shield man reverses Young and throws him into his corner. Reigns rushes in the ring and starts to work on Young for a little bit and tags in Rollins. Young ends up getting elbowed off the ropes and Young gets a two-count.

Titus is tagged back in and he starts to stomp on Rollins with a whistle in his mouth. Reigns runs in but Titus decks him with an elbow. Rollins rolls out of the ring and Titus chases him, only to be drilled by Reigns.

Titus eventually tags in Young, who gets drilled by a clothesline from Reigns. He tags in Rollins, who works a sleeperhold on Young. Rollins goes for a move but Young reverses it into a belly-to-belly suplex. Before he can tag in Titus, Reigns rushes the ring and drags him back into the corner. After a reversal, Young ends up tagging in Titus who starts to clean house. He reverse bodyslams Rollins and nails him with a Lo-Down. Reigns breaks up the count.  As Young interferes, Reigns blazes through the ring and hits Titus with a spear. Rollins covers him with a three-count.

Rollins and Reigns defeat The Prime Time Players by pinfall (retain WWE Tag Team Championship)

We go to highlights of Punk and Heyman, from earlier in the night. The voting comes in for the greatest tag team of all-time and DX wins it.

They show a promo video for the main event.

WWE Championship (No Outside Interference Allowed): Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan comes out and the crowd gives him a huge ovation. They start a “Daniel Bryan” chant before Orton slowly makes his way to the ring. Fans voted Hulk Hogan the greatest WWE Champion, which is unnecessary to announce this during the main event. Justin Roberts announces Daniel Bryan who gets a huge “Yes” chant. Roberts announces Orton, who gets a “No” chant.

Orton and Bryan exchange moves and Orton smash Bryan to the floor with his shoulder. He taunts the crowd and Bryan hits him with a knee to the gut. Bryan starts working Orton’s arm. He smashes Orton in the turnbuckle, mounts him and delivers fists to his head. Orton sneaks under and hits Bryan right in the back. He brings him down and starts to pummel him. He throws him into the corner and hits him with a clothesline. Orton goes for the cover, two-count. Orton steps on Bryan’s hands, his feet and stomps on him.

Bryan works him way back up and the two exchange punches. Orton kicks Bryan in the gut and suplexes him onto the ropes. He gets a two-count. Orton starts to work on Bryan some more with stomps. Orton brings Bryan into the corner and starts to deck him in the head with punches.

Orton starts to signal “No” to the crowd. He whips Bryan to the corner who jumps to the top rope, misses a moonsault but hits Orton with a running clothesline off the ropes. He drills Orton with a knee in the corner and starts to hit the “Yes” kicks. He hits Orton with a hurricanrana off the top rope. He throws Orton to the outside and springboards through the second rope. Bryan dropkicks Orton off the top rope when “The Viper” gets back into the ring. Bryan hits Orton on the outside with a knee but Orton decks him in the head as Bryan tried another springboard through the ropes. Orton hits his patented DDT on the outside, with Bryan’s legs on the apron. He throws Bryan on the inside and signals the RKO. Bryan escapes and goes to hit Orton with a flying knee but intercepts the referee, who gets knocked out and falls to the outside. Another referee comes in and Bryan escapes Orton assault and catches him in a Yes Lock. Orton grabs on the ropes.

As Orton gets up and finds himself in the corner, Bryan runs to hit him but Orton escapes and Bryan hits the turnbuckle with an aerial move. Orton pins Bryan up onto the top rope. Orton follows and sets up a suplex but Bryan slips underneath and attacks Orton from the back – leaving him suspended upside down. Bryan dropkicks him as he ran from the other corner. He tries to suplex Orton off the rope but The Viper is hanging on. Bryan charges Orton, and nails him with a superplex off the second rope and he hangs on with his legs, approaching the top rope. Bryan hits a diving headbutt. The original official Scott Armstrong regains consciousness and he takes over from the secondary official.

Bryan hits Orton with “Yes Kicks” but Orton reverses one and hits him with an unorthodox suplex. Orton readies the RKO, but Bryan reverses. Bryan runs to the other side and hits the Flying Knee. The referee counts to three very fast. We have a new champion – but that count was super fast.

Daniel Bryan defeats Randy Orton by pinfall (Bryan wins the WWE Championship)

The pay-per-view ends with Bryan celebrating with the crowd, and there is no additional interference from anyone. However judging from the official’s count and his knockout earlier, things should be interesting on Raw tomorrow night.

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