This week’s show starts off with a look back at what has happened during Season Four of NXT. Who will become the new head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s . . . whoops wrong reality show. Whowin the chance to wrestle for the tag title? Will it be Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio (or Ricardo Rodriguez) or Johnny Curtis and R Truth? What will be up, but you already knew that.

We are live on tape online from Cleveland, Ohio and your announcers are Josh ‘Give ‘em the heater Ricky’ Mathews and Todd ‘California Penal’ Grisham. Your host is Matt ‘I look like a banker’ Striker.

We go to the ring and Matt welcomes everyone to the season finale. He brings out the pros. Out first is Daniel Bryan and he is rubbing his neck after last week’s attack. Chris Masters comes out too. Maryse is the third person to come out but where is Ted DiBiase?

R Truth comes out and he introduces the rookie that’s gonna win tonight . . . Johnny Curtis.

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and he introduces the rookie who will win NXT. . . Brodus Clay.

Matt says that they have come this far and after all of the challenges, this is what they are working for. Not only does the winner become the next breakout star, but they earn a tag title match with their pro.

Matt wants Johnny to tell what it means to make it to the finals.

Johnny says that he is not going to come out and verbally bash Brodus Clay. It has been more than a verbal debate. From Day One, Brodus has attacked him and has tried to take away his dream. Johnny says that he is going to fight Brodus tonight and he is going to knock his teeth down his throat.

Matt gives Brodus the chance for a rebuttal.

Brodus calls him poor little Johnny. When this competition started, everyone but him blinked. Brodus admits what he did to Johnny to try to get into his head. He says that Johnny is a man’s man. In any other walk of life, they would probably be friends. However, Johnny is trying to take away his dream. Brodus says that just like Lebron James, he is going to walk out of here a winner.

Matt says that they will have a match so they need to keep the intensity.

Match Number One: Johnny Curtis with R Truth versus Brodus Clay with Ricardo Rodriguez

Curtis goes to the floor to avoid Clay and Truth checks on him. Curtis with a forearm and punch to Clay followed by forearms from the apron. Clay pushes Curtis away and then he hits a forearm. Clay catches Curtis and he tries for a slam but Curtis escapes and hits a forearm. Clay with the Tongan Grip but Curtis with kicks. Curtis kicks Clay in the corner but when he comes off the turnbuckles, Clay with a clothesline and Clay grunts.

We go to commercial after an elbow drop.

We are back and Clay with a nerve hold on Curtis. Curtis gets away but Clay with a shoulder to the midsection. Clay with an exploder suplex and then he takes his time to make the cover and Curtis kicks out. Clay returns to the nerve hold. Curtis gets back to his feet and he hits a jawbreaker.

Clay with an elbow to the back of the head to stop Curtis. Clay with a back fist in the corner and then Clay goes after Truth. Clay gets ready to charge into the corner but Curtis moves out of the way. Curtis with European uppercuts and forearms to Clay. Curtis with a drop kick to the knee and Clay is down. Curtis with a kick to the head and chest. Curtis goes up top but Clay stops him. Clay with an arm wringer from the turnbuckles followed by a big splash for the three count.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

After the match, Truth comes into the ring to check on his rookie while Rodriguez announces that Clay was your winner of the match.

We go to footage from earlier today when Derrick Bateman was with his pro. Derrick says that he knows what is coming. He is used to heartbreak being from Cleveland. Daniel reminds Derrick that he would punch him in the face if he got eliminated. Derrick wants to know if Daniel is going to punch a friend, especially a friend who is wearing glasses. Bryan punches him and then says that he wants Derrick to win the Rookie Reunion tag match. He wants him to do it for chicks, for America, and for Cleveland.

Derrick gets fired up as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to look back at the Rock’s response to John Cena’s rap from two weeks ago.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Derrick Bateman and Conor O’Brian versus Jacob Novak and Byron Saxton

Novak and Bateman start things off and Bateman with a drop kick to Novak followed by chips and a snap mare followed by a kick to the back. Bateman with a front face lock and he tags O’Brian in. O’Brian with an arm wringer as he works on Novak’s arm. Novak with a forearm and a shoulder in the corner. Saxton tags in and he connects with a shoulder and elbow. O’Brian with a snap mare and kick and then he works on the neck and gets a near fall. Conor with a European uppercut but Saxton runs O’Brian into the ropes. Novak with a knee to the head while Saxton deals with the referee.

Saxton with kicks and then he tags Novak in. Novak with elbow drops to O’Brian and he gets a near fall. O’Brian with a punch and European uppercut. Novak kicks Conor and he gets a near fall. Novak with a reverse chin lock but Conor gets to his feet and he gets out of the hold. O’Brian kicks Novak away but Saxton tags in and he stops Conor from making the tag.

O’Brian kicks Saxton away and Bateman tags in. Bateman with a forearm and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex and gets a near fall. Bateman with a chop but Saxton with a modified bareback and Novak leaves the apron as he refuses a tag.

Bateman with a running drop kick into the corner and then Bateman with a neck beraker and he gets the three count.

Winners: Conor O’Brian and Derrick Bateman

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

We are back and Josh and Todd talk about Wrestlemania and we go to Shawn Michaels’ comments about Undertaker versus Triple H.

While some are looking ahead to Wrestlemania, which one of the remaining rookies can take their first step towards a Wrestlemania appearance?

We go to commercial.

We are back and remember that you can watch this episode online.

Todd and Josh talk about Season Five of NXT, that debuts next week and they say it will be like nothing we have seen before.

Matt is in the ring and he thanks the pros for guiding the rookies this season (and some of them actually show up most weeks).

It is time to find out who wins this season of NXT . . . and it is . . .

Johnny Curtis

Johnny falls to his knees and starts to cry while his pro comes into the ring to celebrate with him.

Meanwhile, Brodus Clay shows his frustration about making it so close to winning.

Truth tells everyone to look at Johnny’s face because they are real tears and he is showing real emotions. That is what the blood, sweat, and tears are for. Truth hugs Curtis.

Matt asks Johnny to make some comments. Johnny thanks Matt and then he offers his hand to Brodus and they shake and hug. Johnny says that Truth summed it up perfectly. He says hello to his dad who worked 18 hour days to support him and his sister. He says that if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be here today. He thanks the WWE Universe and R Truth.

Matt asks Brodus for some comments. Brodus tells the WWE Universe that they took away his moment. He says that he won every competition that he was in. He did everything that he had to do. He gets it. He doesn’t look like the guys in the ring. They took his dream away. He promises to take his heroes away. He will make them feel like he felt tonight. He says that he is the thing that goes boom in the night. What they love, he will take because they took who he loves. He does not need a roster spot, he only needs a parking lot. He says that the WWE Universe broke his heart.

Clay leaves the ring and walks away.

Matt asks Truth and Curtis how they feel about getting a tag title match. Truth gets the crowd to chant ‘what’s up’.

We go to credits.

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