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WWE has been plagued with injuries to talents recently and has suffered two more in just the last day. Bray Wyatt and Ruby Riott (Bray Riott and Ruby Wyatt?) both sustained injuries and were not present on last night’s Monday Night Raw broadcast.

WWE posted the following statement about Bray Wyatt’s injury, which apparently happened in a head-on collision with another vehicle that left his car as a virtual write-off:

Bray Wyatt injured in car accident

Bray Wyatt was in a car accident Friday and has sustained multiple injuries, can confirm.

Wyatt was en route to the airport for this past weekend’s Raw WWE Live Events when he was in a head-on automobile collision that left his car totaled. He was treated at Tampa General Hospital and has since been released.

Due to the injuries sustained, Wyatt did not compete at this weekend’s WWE Live Events and will not be present at tonight’s Raw.

Stay with as details on Wyatt’s condition become available.

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Bray’s absence last night left his tag champ partner Woken Matt Hardy to fend for himself against The B-Team and Curtis Axel was able to escape with a victory.


WWE also posted the following statement about Ruby Riott’s injury, which happened at a WWE Live Event this past weekend:

Ruby Riott injured

Ruby Riott sustained an injury to her left knee at a WWE Live Event over the weekend, can confirm.

An MRI to determine the extent of the damage was scheduled for earlier today.

Stay with as more details on Ruby Riott’s condition become available.

In Ruby’s absence, Liv Morgan of the Riott Squad took a loss to Ember Moon in a singles match.

This comes just a week after Shinsuke Nakamura was randomly bitten by a police dog and forced onto the injured list as well. There are several superstars out with injuries, some who’ve been out for a long time. Injuries seem to go with the territory much more commonly when steroid use is disallowed. Seems guys are far more fragile than they were back in the old days of professional wrestling when they were all jacked up on strong juice. Roids can be good for recovery and prevention of injury if used responsibly and it always seemed strange that wrestlers couldn’t use them, even in a controlled way, considering WWE isn’t a true competition and nobody can technically cheat. Still, roids aren’t likely to prevent injuries sustained in head-on collisions or dog-bites… that’s just bad luck.

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