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The latest episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network, featuring WWE Champion AJ Styles, Hall of Famer Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon, actually plugged IMPACT Wrestling and its Global Wrestling Network app.

WWE also did this earlier in the year in the Hardy Boyz’s DVD, which showed Deletion footage from the ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ days.

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Check out some screen captures of these plugs in question from fans on Twitter:

The new episode of Table for 3 aired last night and is available on the WWE Network.


Triple H spoke with Sky Sports about the possibility of holding a WrestleMania event in The United Kingdom at some point in the future:

If you’re going to set an ambition, set it high. As we always say, never say never. WrestleMania is a week-long series of events and the logistics of executing that week along with the week leading into it and the week after it are extraordinarily difficult in our own back yard.

Doing them internationally with international crews and international support systems and everything else is a factor of difficulty way beyond what we have in the US. Can we get there? Sure, maybe over time. We would take steps in that direction and those steps are probably other pay-per-views.

From my point of view I’d like to bring other meaningful events through WWE, whether that’s NXT or the United Kingdom championships, taking international brands and putting them on in those markets. As the world becomes smaller and more technologically advanced, it becomes easier to do these things live from different places. From my end, that’s what I’m working towards.”

WWE recently held the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. The move was a big step towards bringing their product lock, stock and barrel into new overseas markets. Of course, WWE has put on massive blockbuster events overseas before, they just usually save their big four for the US market. However, Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium for the Intercontinental Championship in 1992 springs to mind. The event seated a crowd of 80,767 and that main event is considered one of the all-time greatest matches.

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